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Every day, citizens are more aware of environmental issues. Going green will not only help you to reduce the environmental impact but also save you money. Solar panels are now widely understood by people. You can make a big difference in your electricity bills by investing a little. It encourages you to use less electricity and save more. You have many options to choose from when it comes to solar panels.

It can be difficult for people to choose the right product if they are not well-informed. Below are the top features that make the best and most reliable solar panels. You only need to compare the products and decide on the budget to get the best deal.

Best Solar Panels in India 2022 – Reviews

1) LOOM Solar Panel Shark 440 watt

LOOM Solar Panel allows you to make the most of nature without causing damage to the environment. This is one of the most popular solar panels in India.

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Products Features

  • Frame: LOOM Solar Panel’s frame is strong and difficult to separate. The frame also has middle support to give them the strength that they need. This ensures durability and sustainability.
  • Residential Use: The LOOM Solar Panel is a great addition to any home. This can be installed on your roof. This will increase the power output by 30-50 percent. They are also more efficient than poly solar panels.
  • It is cost-effective: You don’t need to use 3 panels. Instead, you can get the same effect with just 2 panels. It will save you money on installation because you don’t need extra wires or connectors.
  • Temperature: LOOM Solar Panel recommends a temperature of 25 degrees. On the hottest days of summer, temperatures can reach 45- to 50 degrees in some cities. You may experience a low efficiency rate on those days.
  • Waterproof: The LOOM Solar Panel includes a junction box, which is both waterproof and dustproof. These junction boxes can withstand any impact and will not be damaged by water.

2) LOOM Shark 440 watt Solar Panel – 24 Volt Mono Perc

Another LOOM Solar Panel that is gaining trust from the users. This product is very affordable and will save you money on your electric bills. It can be installed on your roof for best results.

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Products Features

  • Mono Perc Technology: LOOM Panel is the only company that uses Mono Perc Technology. This will result in an increase of 30 to 50% power generation. This will result in significant savings throughout the year.
  • Durability: The LOOM Panel guarantees that your panel will last for a long time. It will withstand all the natural adversities. It will also keep your product in top condition.
  • Multiple uses: Smart appliances can be used in multiple ways. The next step is to install the solar panels that will allow you to run your appliances seamlessly.
  • Pure Mono Perc Cell Technology: LOOM Panel benefits from this German-made technology. It includes 9 bus bars and 144 cells, which provide great performance and huge savings.
  • Safety: LOOM Solar Panel is ISO certified, which clearly states its high safety standards. To ensure that all customers are safe and happy, the product has been subject to extensive testing.

3) Luminous BIS Certified Mono PERC 380 Watt Solar Panel

Luminous Solar Panel is one of the most eco-friendly solar panels available in India. This product is a reliable, certified product that will make a big difference in your life.

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Products Features

  • BIS Certified: Luminous is BIS certified because it meets the requirements of ISO and IEC standards. You also get safety and quality assurance, which increases the trust of the users in the products.
  • Longevity: The Luminous Solar Panel is made of an industrial-grade aluminum frame that has been further silver anodized. This panel is capable of enduring strong winds and severe snowfall.
  • Technology: It has solar cells that are more efficient thanks to PID-resistant technology. The silicon cells also have an integrated reflector, which allows for high performance. You will get 5 percent more power than any other product.
  • Anti-Reflective Coating: Luminous Solar Panels trap maximum sunlight for the best performance. The panels have an anti-reflective coating and a back field to increase light absorption.
  • Low light performance: Even in cloudy conditions, Luminous Solar Panels won’t disappoint. Because it has AR coating, it is able to perform in low light conditions. This coating will not affect light absorption.

4) LOOM SOLAR190 Watt Mono PERC Solar Panel 

LOOM Solar Panel has been a well-known brand due to its incredible solar panels. You will love the simplicity of operation and that it comes in a set of 2. You won’t be disappointed. It can last for many decades.

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Products Features

  • Design: The LOOM Solar Panel is made of MC4 plastic leads, which are water-resistant. Although it is heavy-duty, the frame of the panel is made from lightweight aluminium. It can withstand snowfall and unpredictable winds.
  • Compatibility: LOOM Solar Panel is compatible with all types of devices. It can be paired with both on-grid or off-grid inverters so you can use it as often as you like. You can run it for as long as your heart desires, as the solar panel helps in storing energy.
  • Monocrystalline Solar Panel: This is a powerful solar panel that produces only 180w. It can meet all your immediate needs. It can charge and operate electronic devices quickly.
  • Junction Box: The LOOM Solar Panel’s junction box is very well protected. It includes a 40-inch cable and MC4 connectors. This is a feature that will work well with the panel.
  • Warranty: LOOM Solar Panel users are not allowed to complain about after-sales services. You get a 25 year warranty. If you’re not getting the results you want, simply claim for a quick fixture within the warranty period.

5) Microtek 150Watt Solar Panel MTK 

Microtek’s latest innovations in solar panels have revolutionized the industry. You can achieve unexpected results by using top-notch efficiency. It is popular because of its new features.

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Products Features

  • It is quiet: Microtek has created one of the best solar panels in India. It makes no noise that could disturb your peace. It is quite silent and produces amazing results.
  • Microtek Fast Charging: Microtek’s latest Hybrid Technology allows for fast charging. It can also take in more load for the best performance.
  • Microtek Solar Panel has an anti-reflective coating that ensures maximum sunlight absorption. The solar panel will capture light that can be used to great extent for future supply power.
  • Microtek Solar Panels have Positive Power Tolerance Modules that provide high conversion efficiency. This maximizes the sunlight trapped so the user can make maximum use of it. This is the best solar panel available in India and will ensure that your appliances run smoothly.
  • Microtek’s long battery life is not dependent on constant charging. It is quite efficient so you can charge it once in a while and then use it until it runs out. It will be easy to use because it has a long battery life.

6) Luminous 160 Watt – 12V Poly Crystalline Solar Panel

The modern-day blessing of Luminous Solar Panels is that they are lightning fast. This solar panel can be used to provide power for those who live in areas where power is scarce. It is easy to set up and operate.

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Products Features

  • Low light performance: Luminous Solar Panel can also use its advanced technology to provide excellent performance in cloudy weather. You will get the best results so don’t waste your time.
  • Torsion Resistance: The Luminous Solar Panel has a strong and durable structure. It can withstand even the strongest winds. It can also handle extreme snow loads with no problem and has no short circuit.
  • The panels require minimal space: To properly install the panels, you only need 12 ft. This will ensure that you get maximum results while utilizing minimal space.
  • Panel Technology: Luminous Solar Panel is a panel technology that uses the most advanced technologies. It is made of polycrystalline material and can be trusted to charge any device.
  • Dimension: Luminous Solar Panel is the best-looking product in comparison to its competitors. It is able to store sunlight with a length of 4.8 feet and width of 2.1 feet.

7) Luminous 330 watt Solar Panel 

This model is India’s most trusted brand and offers high-power output solar panels. Although it doesn’t take up much space, the results you get will be beyond your expectations. When it comes to energy conversion, you get an IP 67 rating.

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Products Features

  • Polycrystalline Cells: This panel boasts 72 polycrystalline cells. These cells are made up of a lot of silicon fragments that are attached together. You will get 330 watts of service.
  • Appearance: Luminous Solar Panel uses the unique speckled reflective appearance. It is thick enough to be of your own use. This will also be an ideal match for Indian weather conditions.
  • The solar panel can be built in a matter of minutes. First, the frame is made of aluminium alloy. It also uses tempered glass with a thickness of 3.2mm.
  • PID Resistant Technology Luminous Solar Panel uses this technology to redirect the sun. This technology not only improves the efficiency of your system but also gives you an additional 5 percent power.
  • Space Requirement for Luminous: A single solar panel requires a 40-sq ft area to be installed. A 1000 mm wire is available to facilitate a safe and easy connection. It can be installed on any surface of your roof.

8) ZunSolar 50 Watt 12 Volt Polycrystalline Solar Panel 

ZunSolar Panel is one of the most popular solar panels in India. It produces 200-watt hours of electricity every day. This is the best solar panel to use for everyday and emergency purposes.

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Products Features

  • Multipurpose Use: ZunSolar Panel allows you to make multiple uses of it. It can charge your mobile phone and it will also power an LED bulb. There are many other applications. You can charge anything and everything.
  • ZunSolar Panel is a long-term investment. It can be reused for many years. This product’s longevity is unmatched.
  • Renewable Energy: Solar energy is truly clean and eco-friendly. Solar energy is free from electricity consumption, so there will be no waste of natural resources. Every appliance will have enough power from the sun.
  • Polycrystalline Panel: ZunSolar panel is made up of polycrystalline panels that can provide enough power to power any device. This panel can be used to generate free electricity for small businesses, street vendors, and houses.
  • Construction: ZunSolar Panel uses only silver anodized aluminum for its frames. There are no chances of the frame breaking, cracking or being damaged. It is robust and can withstand any weather conditions.

Buying Guide For Best Solar Panels in India

Why would you want to stay behind when the world is moving towards a cleaner lifestyle? You will save money by buying the best solar panels in India. You can promote eco-friendly use by looking for certain features before you order the best solar panels in India.

1) Weather Protection

The solar panels should be capable of handling harsh weather conditions. The solar panels will not be affected by strong winds or heavy snowfall. You can actually deal with high temperatures and still deliver uninterrupted performance.

2) Construction

Most top brands use aluminium frames with silver anodized treatment. Tempered glass is also resistant to cracking and breaking. The glass will not crack or break if it is exposed to the elements. Glass has the correct thickness to increase its efficiency.

3) Results for Cloudy Weather

Are you curious about how much solar energy it can save if the weather is cloudy? Modern solar panels can preserve solar energy. You will achieve the desired results regardless of the weather. Weather conditions don’t matter.

4) Noiseless

Solar panels can be a constant annoyance that can disrupt your concentration and cause you to lose your concentration. Always choose the silent options that guarantee absolute silence. The panels are very quiet. It will not cause headaches or unease that could make it difficult to use.

5) Installation

Your solar panel must always be installed on the roof. The solar panels will catch sunlight as long as your roof receives direct sunlight. The rooftop is usually empty so it’s the ideal place to put your solar panels. This will allow for safe placement, and will maximize space.

6) Warranty

This product is long-lasting and the brand must be flexible regarding warranty. Reputable brands offer a 25 year warranty on their products. For after-sales support, call the brands if you have any problems during an operation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Solar Panels in India

Does a solar panel come with a stand?

You will usually need to purchase the stands separately. Solar panel stands are expensive and may already be in stock if you have a few people. You should also be aware that the manufacturer you order may only sell solar panels.

Can you run AC with the use of solar panels?

Yes, even the most expensive solar panels in India can support AC loads. It might take a while before the solar energy runs out completely. Keep the charge under control.

How much space does a solar panel occupy?

It all depends on which panel you order. Some panels are 12-sq feet in size, while others require 40-sq feet.

Will it lower your electricity bill?

A solar panel can help you see a significant drop in your electricity bills. Solar energy is the main reason you can save so much money on your electricity bill. You don’t have to pay extra bills.

How long will solar panels last?

In fact, solar panels can last up to 25 years if they are maintained properly. These are not long-term investments and will last for the longest time. It would be profitable for the long-term.


Indian households are gradually becoming more dependent on solar panels. Only the most advanced solar panels can make a difference in India’s environment. You might find it a great investment that will transform your life. Are you ready to install such an installation?

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