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Do you want to eat healthy? You don’t have to sacrifice the flavor of food just because you are trying to eat healthier. You can grill different foods with coal to give them a delicious smoky flavor without all the calories that come with deep-frying. Get the best barbeque grill in India to improve your eating habits. You can reduce your calories and try new recipes by having a barbeque at home.

Barbeque grills are a great way to make family gatherings more enjoyable. A barbeque grill can be used for small gatherings or picnics. It allows friends and family to share grilled skewers. You don’t have to order takeout everytime you crave tandoori.

Best Barbeque Grill In India 2022 – Reviews

1) AGARO Barbeque Non-Stick Electric Griller

Grilling food is an enjoyable experience, but not everyone can afford one. This product is the best barbeque grill in India for your home.

The Specs

  • Power Consumption: 1600 Watts
  • Material: Steel, Plastic
  • Weight: 3.5kg
  • Warranty: 1 Year
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Products Features

  • Lid: Agaro Barbeque Cooker (Black) uses toughened glass as the lid. You don’t have to worry about cracks in the glass no matter how hot your grill is.
  • Grill plates: It can be a hassle to clean up if your food gets stuck on the grill. These grill plates are made with a nonstick surface to avoid this problem.
  • Temperature: Agaro Barbeque griller (Black), offers temperature adjustment. You can adjust the temperature from 90°C to 220°C for different food items.
  • Tray: Agaro Barbeque Griller Black has thoughtfully included the oil drip tray. This will catch all oil while your griller is working hard.
  • Maintaining the Agaro Barbeque Griller Black (Black) is easy. The grill will last for years by being wiped clean and the drip tray cleaned.

The Good

  • You can easily monitor the food with the glass lid
  • The dial knob allows you to change the temperature
  • A 16A Indian plug is required to control the temperature.
  • Grill almost any type of food, from fish to burgers.
  • Non-stick surface

The Bad

  • There is no comprehensive assembly guide.

2) H Hy-tec (Device) HYBB-06 Terrace Garden Barbeque Grill

H Hy-tec Grill will make your party a success. This grill is perfect for barbeque nights with your family. The barbeque grill is perfect for outdoor picnics.

The Specs

  • Color: Black
  • Material: Metal
  • Weight: 7kg
  • Warranty: NA
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Products Features:

  • Installation: HHY-tec HYBB06 is well aware of the difficulties involved in installation. This product is easy to assemble without the need for tools. This makes assembly much easier.
  • Handle: The H Hy-tec-HYBB-06 is extremely aware of everything. The handles are made of wood, in fact. They are extremely ergonomic and easy to use. These allow you to transport the machine easily from one place to another.
  • Warming Rack: This feature makes this product the best barbeque grill in India. Warming racks are made of metal, which allows for food to be cooked at a close temperature.
  • Cooking: HHY-tec HYBB06 believes in grilling with the original flavor. The traditional method of using coal is therefore preferred. You are getting a wonderful smoky flavor.
  • Legs: The H Hy-tec-HYBB-06 comes with legs that can be used to support the item on any surface. These four legs can also be detached. It will allow you to save valuable storage space when it is not in use.

The Good

  • Available in many metallic colors
  • This package includes 7 Skewers
  • Ideal for personal use or in restaurants
  • The height adjustment is possible with the foldable legs
  • Protective powder coating

The Bad

  • There is no warranty for the product

3) American Micronic AMI-BBQ-150Dx- Imported Barbeque Griller

American Micronic focuses on the best technology for grilling. This product is among the best barbeque grills in India, and you don’t mind spending a little more for quality.

The Specs

  • Power Consumption: 1500 Watts
  • Material: Steel, Plastic
  • Weight: 3.6kg
  • Warranty: 1 Year
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Products Features

  • Foot: American MicronicAMI-BBQ-150DX is provided with feet on four corners of the grill which are multi-surface. This allows the product to be sure on any surface.
  • American Micronic AMI BBQ-150DX is portable and easy to transport. The item is lightweight and compact, so you can easily take it with you wherever you go.
  • American Micronic AMI BBQ-150DX lid has an exclusive steam vent. You will be able to control the steam vent to prevent excessive pressure from building up while you cook.
  • Guarantee: The barbeque grill will do everything possible to ensure that you are satisfied with its quality. This product is covered by a one-year warranty. You can purchase it with no hesitation and request a replacement if you have any problems.
  • Operating Temperature: American MicronicAMI-BBQ-150DX makes it really simple to control the temperature of the grill. You can adjust the dial knob to turn it from 90 to 220 degrees Celsius.

The Good

  • Multipurpose product can also be used as a tava to make pancakes and dosas
  • Hand fatigue is prevented by a soft-touch handle
  • The handle makes it easy to lift the lid
  • It has a power rating 1500W
  • German certification is used to ensure the product meets the highest safety standards

The Bad

  • Too short a cable

4) Quick Unbox Folding Portable Outdoor Barbeque Charcoal BBQ Grill

There are no worries for those with tight budgets. Quick Unbox offers a robust grill that is also affordable. You can now enjoy home-grilled food without having to spend a lot.

The Specs

  • Frame Material: Stainless Steel
  • Material: Iron
  • Weight: 2.8kg
  • Warranty: NA
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Products Features:

  • Legs: Quick Unbox includes extendable legs. When not in use, these legs can be tucked away. The barbeque can be stored in a small space. The compact size of the product makes it easy to transport.
  • Frame: Quick Unbox’s frame is made with stainless steel, making it the best barbeque grill in India. Stainless steel is known for its durability.
  • Grills: This product’s design has been carefully considered. The grills are also resistant to heat and scratches. They will last for many years, looking great. The grill net can be removed, which makes it easier to clean.
  • Design: Quick Unbox Barbeque Grill has a unique briefcase design. The grill can be folded into a briefcase-like shape. This makes it easy to transport the product for outdoor activities.
  • Ventilation: Quick Unbox Barbeque Grill has no less than three vents on each side. This allows oxygen to properly enter the grill, evenly distributing heat throughout the entire surface.

The Good

  • You can assemble the product without any tools
  • This compact device can be taken with you on your travels.
  • The threat of rusting is eliminated from the frame
  • The paint is applied to iron constructions
  • U-shaped claws are useful for controlling the fire.

The Bad

  • It is a tedious operation that requires sand to grill too

5) H Hy-tec (Device) HYBB-01 Mini Portable Barbeque Grill

Another amazing product from H Hy-tec, which is why it has been awarded the Amazon’s Choice title. The previous model had seven skewers. This one has four skewers.

The Specs

  • Color: Black
  • Material: Metal
  • Weight: 2.7kg
  • Warranty: NA
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Products Features

  • Handle: The H Hy-tec® HYBB-01 comes with wooden handles. This allows you to grip the product with confidence. This allows you to safely and correctly handle the grill.
  • Installation: The installation of H Hy-tec® HYBB-01 is a breeze. This item does not require additional tools. A simple two-step installation is all that’s required to get your grill up and running.
  • Material: H Hytec HYBB-01 is primarily composed of iron for different parts of the grill. The product is strong and will withstand the test of time because iron is very sturdy. It will also not chip.
  • Ash Catcher: This unique feature makes the Ash Catcher the best barbeque grill in India. Ash is a common problem with outdoor grills. This ash catcher prevents ash from getting everywhere.
  • Vent: The H Hy-tec® HYBB-01 grill has two vents. This allows you to quickly heat the food and doesn’t take too much time to enjoy your delicious dishes.

The Good

  • Available in three different colors
  • This is portable so you can take it with you everywhere.
  • India’s best construction quality
  • You can quickly clean the grill
  • For a more authentic feel, the charcoal tray is included

The Bad

  • Risques of rust

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Barbeque Grill In India

Will you get skewers in the package?

Some brands do not offer skewers with their products. To make it authentic, some brands offer up to five skewers. The skewers are also of high quality and not fragile.

What is the highest temperature a BBQ grill can attain?

A reliable grill will usually reach temperatures of 200 degrees C for excellent results. For a delicious result, you can adjust the temperature.

Can you travel with a BBQ grill?

You can take your BBQ grill with you on camping trips, hiking trips, or even for outdoor picnics. These can be packed and taken with you to any BBQ party.

Can you add charcoal to the grill?

Modern products don’t require charcoal. The old-style grills can still be used if you prefer a more traditional look. These can be topped with charcoal.

How many times should you clean the grill?

After you have finished using the product, we recommend that you clean the grill. This will prevent rust formations, and it will also keep you clean. You can also ensure it lasts a long time.


You can make your veggies and meats taste better by using a grill instead of boiling. Different additions such as oil dripping trays or ash catchers can make barbeque grills easier to use at home. You can’t resist the smoky flavor of a barbeque grill if you want to indulge.

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