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The summertime is always a struggle because the heat is too intense. India constantly experiences soaring high temperatures, and summer afternoons are among the most difficult to endure. It is possible for people to get sick and seriously dehydrated if appropriate treatment isn’t given. If a properly-designed cooling system isn’t in place, it’s more difficult to handle the temperatures. This is why you require the best ceiling fans in India to ensure that your summer is enjoyable.

The fans are available in various styles and color combinations. Some have an exclusive design to stand out. You can find a variety of advanced features with modern fans and you’ll be able to keep playing with the speed. In fact certain fans come with exceptional lighting fixtures, too. In the end, you could control these sophisticated fans using the use of a remote.

To learn more about the fans’ exclusive selection take a look at the review. From the top brands, and with the highest-selling products, you should get the best products only.

Best Ceiling Fans in India 2022 – Reviews

1) Atomberg Renesa 1200 mm Ceiling Fan

Atomberg Renesa Ceiling Fans are a great solution to deal with the intense heat of summer. With the proper dimensions will ensure uniform and smooth airflow. Additionally, the purchaser receives two years of extended warranty to ensure peace of mind.

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Product Features:

  • Motor with BLDC: Atomberg Renesa being one of the best ceiling fans in India makes use of this genius motor. Because of this motor, it only requires 28W when it is set to the maximum speed. When set at its lowest speed, it could be as little as 6W.
  • LED Indicators: The Atomberg Ceiling Fan provides LED signals whenever you’re altering the speed of your fan. In actual fact it can function as a lamp with LEDs for nighttime darkness.
  • A technology called Inverter Stabilization: the voltage in your region may fluctuate but it won’t impact the speed of the fan. It will, however, continue operating at a constant pace and delivering equally awesome outcomes.
  • Different speeds: Atomberg Renese ceiling fan offers 6 different speeds for the most effective cooling effect. It can be set at any speed and alter it to choose the most appropriate choice based on the weather outside.
  • Remote Control: Modern-day alternative, which is an electronic remote controller. It is possible to alter speeds using the remote. Furthermore, you can choose various modes, including Boost Mode or Sleep Mode and even Timer Mode for user convenience.

2) Atomberg Efficio 1200 mm Ceiling Fan

Atomberg Efficio Ceiling Fan is stylish and will look stylish in whatever space you put it in. An ideal choice to deal with the Indian weather , this fan will provide impressive performance. In the end, you will save at most the sum of, at most, Rs. 1500 each year through the installation of this air conditioner.

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Product Features:

  • Aluminum Body: Atomberg Effective Ceiling Fan has a structure that is made of an aluminum alloy. It is a solid material that gives it toughness that is not found in other materials. In addition, there’s no possibility of rust getting into the material because of the premium material.
  • 20-foot Remote Range: Atomberg the Efficio Ceiling Fan lets you control and enjoy the fan using the help of a remote. You can actually be in a distance of up to 20 feet and still alter the speed and control of the fan.
  • Sleep Mode: Enjoy uninterrupted sleep without needing to switch the speed constantly. With Sleep Mode, the speed of the fan will continue decreasing after every two hours.
  • No Regulator: Atomberg’s Efficio Ceiling Fans eliminate the need for regulators. It is simply a matter of turning the switch that turns off and on to turn it on and continue to run it. In addition, you can change the speed on and off too.
  • No noise: Atomberg Efficio Ceiling Fan promises to not create annoying noises when you sleep. The motor is silent and will give you the best sleep possible.

3) Orient Electric Apex-FX Ceiling Fan

Orient Apex-FX is among the best ceiling fans in India that can provide relief on hot summer days. It is powered by electricity and distributes the air evenly. It also runs at 370 rpm for adequate cooling and comfort.

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Product Features:

  • Double Ball Bearing: Orient Apex-FX fan is based on dual ball bearings which guarantee smooth and uninterrupted performance. In addition, it ensures there is no sound and that the user can complete their job with complete focus.
  • Wide Blades: In in fact, these blades measure 48 inches in length, which is quite long to cool the room. This increases the air flow and the thrust, and helps keep you cool throughout the year.
  • Ribbed Blades: Orient Apex-FX Fan guarantees that greater air circulation is made easier. Blades are made of ribs and have a distinctive angle. In the end, you’ll experience more air flow and it is also a huge space.
  • Five different speeds: Orient Apex-FX fan will provide five different speeds that you can adjust according to your preferences. Choose the one that appeals to you the most , and then secure it to ensure that the airflow is even.
  • Powder Coating: The Orient Apex-FX Fan is powder coated to keep the look of the fan unaltered. In addition, it helps keep from the risk of rust and corrosion. Thus, preserving the function and ensuring long-term durability.

4) Havells Nicola 1200mm Ceiling Fan

Havells Nicola is the most popular ceiling fan made in India that is guaranteed to amaze you. It is a top brand with 72-watts of power. In addition, the blades measure 1200mm which is quite a lot for a room of a moderate size and will keep the space adequately ventilated.

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Product Features:

  • The decorative fan: Havells Nicola Ceiling Fan is the perfect choice for people who value fashion. The copper and steel body appears attractive. In addition, it is enhanced by beautiful trims throughout the body and even on blades.
  • Overload Protect: Havells Nicola Ceiling Fan ensures there is no danger when using the fan. Thermal overload prevention helps keep the motor under control. It can prevent accidents from happening.
  • 3 blades: To circulate the air around the room, the three blades work perfectly. Additionally being in perfect proportions and therefore they will distribute the air uniform. Even those with difficult-to-reach corners can benefit from the cool air flow from this fan.
  • Two Canopies: Havells Nicola Ceiling Fan guarantees that the look doesn’t get lost with this style. The tangled electrical wirings remain hidden under the two canopies. The upper canopy helps in the secure positioning for the air conditioner.
  • Minimal Power Consumption: The Nicola Ceiling Fan has been constructed to result in a low power bill. The energy-saving features will permit you to use it for longer durations and also at the fastest speed possible.

5) Candes Star 5 Star Rated Ceiling Fan

Candes Ceiling Fan is indeed the piece of art you require at your workplace or at home. It operates on Button Control, which gives the user complete freedom to make minor adjustments. This will stand up to the toughest summer heat and will give you satisfaction.

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Product Features:

  • Top-quality material: Candes Ceiling Fan has an aluminum frame with a strong structure and blades designed to resist corrosion. Furthermore, the motor comes with electrolytic-grade copper wires. This guarantees the long-lasting life of the item.
  • The motor is high speed: Candes Ceiling Fan certainly comes with a motor of high-speed that can spin more quickly than you would expect. This means that the dispersal of heat will increase durability and increase the safety of.
  • Modern Style: Candes Ceiling Fan has stunning looks that are unlike any other fan. It is a metallic paint that is neat and stunning. In addition, the stunning color will complement any decor.
  • 3 Wider Blades: 3 Wider Blades in comparison to competitors’ products. Because of the conical spread that the air is efficiently distributed. It will cover every inch of the room, keeping your body temperature under control.
  • The anti-dust feature: Candes Ceiling Fan has an anti-dust function to ensure that the appearance of the item is intact. It is a fact, regardless of what the shade might be, it’ll resist dust that is not wanted. Thus, the fan can even protect people who are allergic to dust.

6) Crompton Uranus Ceiling Fan with Light

Crompton Uranus Ceiling Fan is a model of what an old-fashioned fan should look like. It’s certainly a lavish item that can complement any space perfectly. With an instruction manual as well as a warranty card, you will be able to make the most out of it.

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Product Features:

  • High-end Design: Crompton Uranus Ceiling Fan has a royal appearance that looks as grand as an installation. The intricate designs made of metal will garner a lot of praise , and the gorgeous curves will appear luxurious.
  • Ornate Lampshades: The Ornate Lampshades are among the best ceiling fans in India The lampshades make this fan look stunning. With a flower-like design that can fit into lighting that will illuminate the entire space.
  • Light Control and Speed: Crompton Uranus Ceiling Fan is equipped with cords to the setup. Pull the cords connected to the setting you want to use and control the speed of the light and the fan’s speed.
  • 4 Blades: Crompton Uranus Ceiling Fan is an exquisitely designed fan. It’s electroplated to offer an unbeatable level of protection for the fan. This means that they will not fail or stop working midway through.
  • Advanced in technology: Crompton Uranus Ceiling Fan provides air flow in the range of 200 CMM. With the speed of 325 RPM, it’ll provide enough power to bring chills throughout the area. In addition, it uses 72W of power, which is quite typical.

7) Luminous New York Brooklyn Ceiling Fan

The Luminous New York Ceiling Fan is surely one of the best ceiling fans in India offering top-quality service each time. It’s made of aluminum that can be used in the harshest conditions. The unique design helps to circulate air with a uniform distribution.

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Product Features:

  • Beautiful Design: The luminous New York Ceiling Fan has an elegant design unlike any other product. It has a monochrome mix which looks elegant. The shape of the fan is designed to uniformly disperse the air.
  • Dust-repellent Coating: The Luminous New York Ceiling Fan is guaranteed to be dust-proof and look as good as new over the long duration. In actual fact the coating will not allow dust to accumulate and affect the overall appearance.
  • Protection from overheating: The fan will not be at risk using the fan for an extended period of time. Overheating protection keeps you from any accidents. In addition, the motor is able to evenly distribute the heat evenly.
  • 100 Pure Copper Wiring: The luminous New York Ceiling Fan assures that your fan will not be damaged even after many years. The copper wiring in the motor is insulated and therefore, no risk of burning.
  • A quiet operation: The bright New York Ceiling Fan promises peace and sleep. Because of the quiet operating noise from the unit! You are now going to be able to rest comfortably in any situation.

8) USHA Heleous Ceiling Fan

USHA Heleous Ceiling Fan can be constantly moving at any speed, and give you a satisfying result. In fact, some of the best ceiling fans in India will provide comfort throughout the year. With a variety of colors it is possible to find the ideal setup for your home.

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Product Features:

  • Three different wind modes: USHA Heleous Ceiling Fan is designed to mimic nature of the weather. There’s Natural Sleep, Normal and Normal Mode that you could alter according to your needs. This means you will have the air is always cool and pleasant.
  • The Reversible Rotation: USHA Heleous Ceiling Fan is an all-season fan that can work in every way possible. In fact, you could change to an anticlockwise feature in addition to the clockwise function. So, you will have a better sleeping experience!
  • ABS Blades: It has rust-free blades to keep running even when the moisture levels are high. It won’t scratch or rust and remain in good shape to ensure durability.
  • Controlling the remote: USHA Fan comes with the remote which gives you the freedom to change and control the fan from an extended distance. Additionally, you can alter the settings from any place and with just a few clicks.
  • FREE Installation: USHA Fan will take customer service seriously. You can therefore call at the toll-free number provided and book your installation free of charge. The technicians are trained to do the installation and there’ll be no difficulty.

Buying Guide For Best Ceiling Fan In India

The best ceiling fans in India will help you cope with harsh weather conditions. Even the hottest summer days can go on without getting angry. In fact the fans will deliver maximum performance even if there is a power surge. Which is the top ceiling fan available in India? Read our buying guides to find out more.

Select a Budget

When purchasing a ceiling fan you must be aware of the budget and what you are planning to spend. If you are replacing the fan you have, look for alternatives to exchange. For a remodel of your home or buying an entire house A brand new one is sure to look fantastic.

Select Location

If you are looking to purchase the best ceiling fans in India Make sure that the fan is dry-rated by UL. The fan must be prepared to handle damp conditions in which it is prone to rain, snow or has a lot of ice. Additionally, UL damp approval must also be in place to work effectively in damp environments.

Select Size

First, you must take a measurement of the distance between the ceiling and the floor. After that, you should ensure that the fan has an extra long downrod that is suitable for hanging it. According to the National Electric Code, the fan blades have to be at least 7 feet higher than the floor. Additionally, you should check the size of the flush mount to ensure that it is the fact that it is only taking up a small space.

Light type

If your fan comes with the option of connecting light it is important to make sure of the type of light you want to connect. To get the best results, opt for fluorescent, LED and halogen alternatives. You can now cover the entire area , and take in cool air at the same time.

Efficiency and Airflow

If you are looking for the top choices for your home’s fan make sure you choose products which are efficient in energy use. The Energy-Star certification can make the fan 20% more efficient and guarantees savings on energy costs when compared with standard products. This means that the costs will be lower. In addition, if you’re using an electric motor, efficiency can be up to 70 percent.

Select Fan Control

For controlling an air conditioner, you will have several options for controlling it. You can control it using the help of a remote. It is equipped with all buttons that allow for easy operation. Some models even come with wall controls where you can modify the settings by using controls on the wall. In addition, it is important to be aware of the possibility of reverse motion. It is an ideal option for seasonal shifts. Additionally, low-profile fans usually come complete with pull chains. You can pull it to begin or stop it, and also alter the speed.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Ceiling Fans In India

How many blades should be there in a fan?

The most effective ceiling fans available in India typically have three or four blades to ensure optimal performance. The air will be circulated across the rooms, and even outdoors in set-ups. This means that you can place it wherever and anywhere you’re able to choose.

Why should you look for Energy-saving fans?

When the weather conditions are quite sensitive, a sturdy ceiling fan can be there to help. Additionally you can turn it on and continue in operation until you’re satisfied. However, this won’t cause huge charges because of the Energy-Rating. Only save money.

Why must one prefer fans with lights?

The addition of a lighting fixture to the fan is definitely the best option. It is possible to get a strong fan with high-quality light. In reality you are able to alter the fan and lighting settings to adjust the settings to your preference.

What’s the coverage of the ceiling fans and will it be airier?

You will be surprised to learn that the area of coverage is dependent on the brand you choose. A large-sized fan will provide a wide range of coverage however, it may not offer the performance you require. To ensure that, you have to know what specifications are included in the item.


At this point, you should have a good idea of what you should look for in the ceiling fan. The internet market is filled with many products, but no one can meet the expectations of the brand-name products. Read your reviews and choose an item from the mentioned choices. They have received only reviews and praise from customers. So, what’s your take?

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