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While time-taking was all we did in our old days, the end result was amazing. Modern-day appliances have made it possible to solve this problem, but sometimes the taste is different. Juices from normal juicers can sometimes be bitter. The best cold press juicer in India can solve this problem. The cold pressing technology allows all the juice to be squeezed out slowly. Everything remains the same, from nutrients to taste.

Ever thought about buying the best juicer India has to offer? Find out all the details and features. You can get whatever you need from this product without any difficulty.

Top 6 Best Cold Press Juicer in India 2022 – Reviews

1) Hurom HP Series Cold Press Slow Juicer

Hurom HP Series Juicer is a manufacturer of world-class products. You will get a real glass of juice with both smoothie and juice strainers. The best cold press juicer in India has a striking sandy gold finish. This product was meticulously constructed in South Korea. It has won IF Design Awards and Red Dot Design Award as well as the International Design Excellence Award. It is a smart, effective and patented design that has received so much praise.

  • Brand: Hurom
  • Material: 100% BPA free plastic, ULTEM Material
  • RPM: 43
  • Weight: 5.3kg
  • Warranty: 1 year
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Features of Hurom HP Series Cold Press Slow Juicer are:

Fine & Coarse Strainer: Its 0.3-millimetre mesh grid will remove solid lumps. Combining stainless steel and PEI can handle high-tension tasks. Enjoy a soft and velvety texture.

2nd Generation Chamber: This chamber has two wings that allow you to pull the ingredients down. You can now squeeze and press as slow as you like, but it will still produce rich flavours.

Cutting Edge AC Motor: You will not only experience minimal noise but also lower vibration levels. A powerful motor ensures smooth operation during the entire process of juicing.

Squeezing: The best slow juicer India has is a 43 RPM one. This ensures that no nutrients are lost. This is due to the adequate amount of oxygen and frictional heat that results in quality results.

Multipurpose: You can get juice from nuts, coconuts, and carrots, make almond milk, or juice beetroots. You will not lose any taste during the making process.

The Good

  • Motors come with a 10-year warranty
  • Auger uses ULTEM plastic for its construction
  • Double-edged auger for perfect cutting
  • The best model in Hurom Global range-up
  • No help is required for assembly or disassembly

The Bad

  • Before you insert the seeds, you need to separate them.

2) Kuvings Professional B1700 Cold Press Whole Slow Juicer

It is elegant and powerful. This is the first impression you will get. This slow juicer is the best in India. You can get a 2-year extended warranty with a 10-year motor warranty. It promises to perform any operation and run for 30 uninterrupted minutes. It is powered by a 240-watt brushless motor and will run smoothly for many years. The motor is made of 100% pure copper wound and the plastic is BPA-free. This ensures that only the best materials are used to manufacture such a high-quality product. Kuving is committed to delivering high-quality products.

  • Brand: Kuvings 
  • Material: BPA Free Plastic Ultem Auger, Stainless Steel Strainer
  • RPM: 50
  • Weight: 9.6kg
  • Warranty: 1 year
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Kuvings Professional B1700 Cold Press Whole Slow Juicer features are:

JMCS Technology promises a 10 percent higher yield than other products. Maximum juice extraction at a reasonable price.

Cordless Press Technology: This process preserves all nutrients and enzymes. It is a slow process so you can get the juice out quickly without compromising the nutritional level.

Safety Lock Mechanism: The device won’t work if the lid or drum isn’t properly closed. The appliance must be locked before it can operate.

Smart Cap: This smart cap prevents liquid from dripping into a glass or bottle. You can juicing with confidence knowing that it will not drip.

Feeding tube: Fruits and vegetables can be put directly through the feeding tube. This can be done directly without the need to slice or cut it. The nutritional loss is not something to worry about.

The Good

  • Pretty elegant design
  • All over India, there are service centres
  • Green Cleaning Tool for Perfect Cleaning
  • The strainer is made of rust-free stainless Steel
  • Its design, which has been awarded multiple times, is outstanding.

The Bad

  • There is no safety flip for children

3) AGARO Imperial 240-Watt Cold Press Slow Juicer

Every extraction produces a thick glass of juice. Best cold press juicer in India ensures there is no air bubble. It comes with a screw-shaped, pulverizing auger which will squeeze every drop of juice out. It can be assembled by you and taken apart when you are done. The main body is made of BPA-free plastic. This ensures safe drinking and the absence of any toxic elements that could harm your health.

  • Brand: AGARO
  • Material: Steel
  • Power: 240 Watt
  • Weight: 8.5kg
  • Warranty: 1 year
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Some of the Best Features of AGARO Imperial 240-Watt Cold Press Slow Juicer are:

Cold-Press Technology: This technology is focused on preserving maximum nutrients during processing. This technology is great for extracting lots of fresh juice. It will also make smoothies and sorbets look amazing.

Reverse Function: What happens if your pulps block the juicer? Switch on the reverse function. The pulp will be removed from the appliance by turning it on in reverse.

Large Feeding Chute It is not necessary to put the fruits in different places.

Pusher: You don’t have to push the fruit down with your hand. Pusher: The pusher will press down on the fruits that are clogged to make way for more fruits.

Pulp Separator: The juice will flow through one opening, while the pulp will be disposed through another. A dedicated area is available to collect any pulp that has been discarded. When the juice is transferred, there will not be any pulp floating around.

The Good

  • Motor with low noise
  • 30% more extraction every time
  • Grinder assists in fine squeezing
  • Multiple uses, such as in smoothies, juices, and sorbets

The Bad

  • It can be a pain to lock the jar.

4) Borosil – Health Pro Cold Press Slow Juicer

Borosil produces high-quality, highly efficient products. Borosil’s Health Pro Cold Press Slow Juicer is no exception. This juicer is a great choice for those who want to have fresh squeezed juice every day. The user manual is easy to understand and makes the product even more simple to use. The juicer also comes with a 600ml cup. This juicer can be used to make large batches of juice for your family members and friends.

  • Brand: Borosil
  • Material: Plastic
  • RPM: 70
  • Power: 200 Watts
  • Weight: 3.76kg
  • Warranty: 2 years
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Features of Borosil – Health Pro Cold Press Slow Juicer are:

Slow squeeze technology: This slow squeeze mechanism is used to extract the juice. This allows the motor’s to exert a lot of pressure on the vegetables and fruits to extract juice, while also preserving all the nutrients.

Large Tube: This juicer’s feeder measures 80mm in diameter. You don’t have to chop the fruits and then add them to your juicer. It is possible to add large pieces of fruit and save time.

Spinning Brush: This package includes a specially-designed spinning brush. This brush mixes nutrients from different fruits and vegetables to create a delicious, rich flavor.

Reverse function: This function prevents the chute from becoming blocked by pulp and allows you to extract the juice easily. It also helps keep the juicer clean.

This juicer has a quiet motor that produces no noise. This juicer is quiet and silent at all times. This means that you can make fresh squeezed juice without disturbing others.

The Good

  • To prevent motor overheating, safety lock is placed on the motor
  • If the juicer is overloaded, the buzzing alarm immediately alerts you.
  • Safety lock mechanism
  • The mouth opening is 80mm
  • Responsive customer care service

The Bad

  • It is a time-consuming process.

5) RoboTouch iSqeez Compact Cold Press Slow Juicer

This Robotouch cold-pressed juicer is a sturdy juicer that will make juicing easy. This juicer uses a 200W motor that allows you to juice all fruits, without jamming. The juicer’s slow juicing allows it to spin at 45 RPM. The juicer can extract the juice from the fruits, while keeping their nutritional and taste intact. You can get instant help or replacement if there is ever a problem. The brush makes cleaning simple and easy.

  • Brand: RoboTouch 
  • Material: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene
  • RPM: 45
  • Wattage: 200 Watts
  • Weight: 3.0kg
  • Warranty: 1 year
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Features of RoboTouch iSqueez Compact Cold Press Slow Juicer are:

Compact Design: This juicer measures 5.5 inches x 5.25 inches. It is lightweight and compact. It can be placed anywhere you like on your kitchen counter, which will allow you to save space.

RoboTouch uses food-grade ABS plastic for its jar construction. It is free from any harmful toxins, so you don’t have to worry about your health.

Durability: The juicer’s body is made from high-quality stainless Steel. The stainless steel construction also adds strength and durability to the product, which will last a lifetime. It makes the product extremely robust.

Juice Cap: This product comes with a juice cap. The juice cap keeps the juice fresh while protecting all nutrients.

It is easy to assemble: There will be no need to worry about complicated assembly. The best cold press juicer India has the ability to disassemble quickly for easy cleaning in every corner.

The Good

  • A large feeding tube for the fruits
  • The juice pulp container captures all pulp easily
  • It is elegant and sleek.
  • Includes a pulp strainer and ejector

The Bad

  • There is no separate cleaning product

6) KENT 16006 Cold Pressed Juicer

The Kent cold press juicer is the best in India and will allow you to lead a healthy life. It also provides all the necessary nutrients and minerals your body needs. The juicer uses a low-speed juicing method. The juicer is quiet and retains all nutrients, fibre, vitamins, original flavor, and nutrients. You will enjoy high-quality juice at home. You won’t have to cut any fruits to fit the tube. The juicer is made of food-grade plastic and is completely safe to use.

  • Brand: KENT
  • Material: ABS Plastic
  • Weight: 7.2kg
  • Warranty: 1 year
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Features of KENT 16006 Cold Pressed Juicer are:

The motor is powerful and allows for fast extraction without any interruption to the flow. It provides a great juicing experience, and fresh juice with minimal effort.

Wide Feeding Tube: You don’t need to cut the fruits or forcefully push them down the tube. The feeding tube has a wide mouth. This will reduce preparation time and preserve the nutritional value.

It is durable built: You can actually use it every day without worrying about damaging the product. The food-grade plastic body is light and easy to use.

Reverse Function: This reverse motor function can be used to remove any vegetable pulp blockage. It is now very simple to extract the juice as quickly and easily as possible.

Low-speed juicing: This low-speed cold press juicing method squeezes out juice and blends fruits perfectly. It retains all essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals.

The Good

  • Cool to the touch and heat-resistant
  • Produces juice of higher quality
  • Juice can also be made from leafy vegetables
  • Operates noise-free

The Bad

  • Quite a heavy product

Final Words

There are so many products to choose from and so much to offer. Best cold press juicer in India will inspire you to eat healthy and get all the nutrients in every drink. This will also help adults and kids in different ways. Which product impressed you most after such an in-depth comparison?

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