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We all want to look fashionable and show off our great sense of style. But very few people are born with naturally gorgeous hair. But how do you manage tangled hair? What is the best way to manage it? There are a variety of tools available on the market. The items that can be used to style hair include curler, straightener and waver, and many more. The most crucial among them all is the hairdryer. To dry and style your hair the best hair dryer in India will be your best friend.

The first is that most hair dryers can be used for travel. Then, you will find a variety of functions with it. This includes drying Keratin Smooth results, Cool Shot various temperature settings , and so on. However, each brand has different features. This is why it is important to determine what features are of paramount significance to you.

These are our top eight products with their features described in depth. Choose the one that meets your requirements best, and then place your order now.

Best Hair Dryer For Women & Men in India – Reviews

1) AGARO HD-1214 Premium Hair Dryer

AGARO HD-1214 hair Dryer can let you look stylish while walking. Because of its powerful motor that is 1400-Watt, you will be able to do various hairstyles. It is definitely a unisex style that is suitable for men and women of both genders. This is why it could be described as the best hair dryer for males.

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Product Features:

  • 2 Temperature and Speed settings: AGARO Hair Dryer offers two different speeds for users to choose. Furthermore, you can pick the temperature you prefer drying your hair. This means that you can choose three options.
  • It is foldable: AGARO Hair Dryer deals with the issue of portability. This is why it comes with an adjustable handle that can easily fold. Additionally, you get an extension loop that is able to fit into every corner without taking up too much space.
  • Overheat Protection: It is a fact hair is protected from the harsh heat. This is why it is equipped with protection against overheating. This will stop when there is a chance of overheating.
  • A cord that is tangle-free: AGARO Hair Dryer features a long cord you can plug into any outlet. The cord measures two meters but , most importantly, it’s not tangled in nature. Therefore, there are no more troubles.
  • The Cool Shot Button: AGARO’s Hair Dryer features a Cool Shot Button that allows you to make your hairstyle. The cool blast won’t cause damage to your hair, and will keep the hairstyle in place for a long period of time.

2) Panasonic EH-ND11-A62B Hair Dryer 

Panasonic EH-ND11-A62B hair dryer is a budget-friendly option for each Indian customer. The compact device is a portable option that you can use wherever. Additionally, you can activate this fantastic device with just a click of the button.

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Product Features:

  • Turbo Dry: Panasonic Hair Dryer comes with a power of 1000W. It definitely produces an even airflow with a high speed. It is the best hair dryer in India which is soft on hair. In addition, it is able to dry locks quickly.
  • Ergonomic Design: The Panasonic hair Dryer is very lightweight. You can put it in your palm and quickly dry your hair. The hanging notch lets you hang it with no possibility of it falling.
  • Dual Speed: With the hair dryer you receive two different settings for setting the temperature. There’s a button on the handle that can be pushed to adjust the settings. Additionally, you can get what you want from your setting easily.
  • Small: Panasonic Hair Dryer is popularly known for its small size. Since it’s compact, you can carry it and use it comfortably. It is also mobile, and therefore does not limit users to carry it.
  • A Long Cord: Panasonic Hair Dryer keeps the user’s convenience in the forefront of their minds. It comes with a 1.8-m lengthy cord that can attach to any place. Furthermore, it is without tangles and is easy to use.

3) Philips Hair Dryer Prestige BHD628/00

Philips Prestige Hair Dryer is an extremely compact device that will produce fantastic results. With its stylish appearance you will definitely be able to have the most silky hair. Additionally, you will be able to hold it without feeling any burden. This results in shiny and spectacular results.

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Product Features:

  • Sensing: Philips Prestige features SenseIQ Technology. It actually detects how hot your hair is. This provides protection against situations that cause excessive heat. Thus, it can dry completely without harming your hair.
  • Simple Drying: Philips Prestige has 2 different speeds and 3 dry presets to deal with any hair issue. Dry, gentle as well as Fast, are the 3 settings that can assist you get the results you desire.
  • Caring: Since it is equipped with the SenseIQ hair care system, you won’t lose the natural moisture in your hair. The technology can hold in 90 percent of the water. This means it can provide users with healthy, shiny hair.
  • The ability to adjust: Philips Prestige lets you modify and set the temperature according to your preferences. In fact, it can be as high as 4000 times in a single drying session. But this isn’t going to result in any issues with overheating.
  • Accessories for styling: Philips Prestige includes 3 different hair accessories included in the box to allow anyone to get their hair dry. It includes dry nozzles, then a nozzle for styling and then an energizing curl diffuser. You can test on any.

4) SYSKA Hair Dryer HD1610

SYSKA Hair Dryer is a modern product that awes users by its capabilities. It is the best dry hair product for females since it can style and dry the hair in any length you want with it. It lets you experiment with an original hairstyle, and does not harm your hair’s health.

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Product Features:

  • Heating Balance: This hair dryer from SYSKA will stop the possibility of producing excessive heat. It distributes the heated air evenly, without damaging hair. Thus your hair will dry in a delicate manner.
  • Speed Function: SYSKA The Hair Dryer helps in styling your hair in the way you prefer. There are two pre-selected speeds, as well as heating functions. It is interesting to note that you have complete control over the humidity to ensure it stays secure.
  • Very Low Sound: irritating sound won’t bother you while using this device. This is the best hair dryer in India in terms of silent operation. It has a huge wind inlet which will boost the efficiency of drying and will make the process more quiet.
  • Produced by hand in Korea: SYSKA Hair Dryer is made with love in Korea. It comes with the most up-to-date innovations and technologies that help make the product more efficient. In addition, the two-year guarantee on the product is a guarantee.
  • It is foldable: SYSKA Hair Dryer makes sure that each person is able to carry the product with it. It is easy to fold them in half, place it in the one corner, and go about the room without feeling heavy.

5) CHAOBA 2000 Watts Professional Hair Dryer

CHAOBA Professional hair dryer is a favorite of every professional who is their customer. It lets you select between cold or hot drying options. This means you’ll get speedy drying and correct styling all at once. Hair will appear in the best condition.

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Product Features:

  • Patented Technology for Heat Shielding: CHAOBA Hair Dryer ensures that you can complete the entire process with complete safety. Even after long-term use of the dryer the body as well as the nozzle will stay cool.|It is|The nozzle will remain cool.}
  • Cord: CHAOBA Hair Dryer certainly comes with a long cord of 2m that allows the dryer to be used at any angle. The special coated rubber on this cord makes it the best hair dryer in India. This shields the user from shocks and injuries.
  • Adjustable Speed: It is possible to alter speeds of the fans in order to be in line with the specifications. Just by pressing the switch, one is able to alter the temperature. And finally, lock it in place to keep the speed constant.
  • Grip: The CHAOBA hair dryer lets you have a firm grip on the product. It was created by taking into consideration the shape of your hand. It will therefore not slide or fall, and never it will cause harm to you.
  • Enhances the quality of your hair: CHAOBA Hair Dryer will aid you in getting the healthiest and shining hair. The heat won’t cause damage to the hair of anyone. Thus, the beautiful luster won’t be lost.

6) Nova NHP 8203 Premium Hair Dryer 

The NOVA 8203 Premium Dryer is a well-known brand that anyone looking for value and affordability can count on. With a guarantee of one year starting from the date of purchase it is possible to repair damaged parts or return them if there is a problem.

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Product Features:

  • Any Hairstyle: The NOVA 8203 Hair Dryer allows you to make any hairstyle in a few seconds. It comes with two speeds and can be customized to create curls, waves or keep straight. It also allows you to dry your hair in a matter of minutes.
  • Uniform Temperature: NOVA-8203 Hair Dryer allows you to dry your hair and not have any negative effect on it. You will be able to maintain the natural moisture level unaffected. But hair will remain healthy.
  • Hanging loop: storage won’t be an option for this product. It is the best hair dryer for guys because it doesn’t need to be stored in a way to store it in a safe place. Simply hang it by using the loop that hangs it to put it away.
  • The Portable: NOVA 8203 hair Dryer will ensure that you don’t have to take this item with you while traveling. It’s not just compact but also the handle is transportable. Therefore, it can be able to fit into any bag.
  • Cool Shot: NOVA 8203 Dryer is a high-end product that has a long-lasting impact. It is possible to turn off your Cool Shot, dry your hair, and it will remain in the best state for the longest period of time.

7) Havells HD3201 Hair Dryer 

Havells HD3201 hair dryer isn’t just the best choice for women , but it’s also the most effective hair dryer for males. If you’re short in your hair, this dryer is simple to use. It will also effectively dry hair. With a long cord you don’t have to strain to connect it or make use of it at a distance.

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Product Features:

  • Ionic Care: Havells Hair Dryer deals effectively with dust and this can, in turn, remove frizz. You could certainly smooth the cuticle. Additionally, you will be able to have smooth and shiny hair as your hair will be well-hydrated.
  • Heating Balance Technology: Havells Hair Dryer assures uniform heat distribution, so the quality doesn’t suffer. Plus, you get even results. Your hair won’t be subject to extreme heat exposure because of this.
  • Fixed Concentrator: To ensure precise or even blow-drying this device comes with a fixed concentrator. This will create a soft airflow that will help dry your hair, but take care of it simultaneously. Additionally, you will achieve the best results.
  • The Silent Dryer: Havells the Hair Dryer won’t disrupt a tranquil environment. It works pretty quietly. It’s a good thing because it will not emit any buzzing sound that could cause discomfort for anyone.
  • Super Drying: Havells Hair Dryer runs at an incredible speed and has a tremendous power. It runs at 1500W, which is safe for every hair type. In addition, it can help to achieve any style with ease.

8) CARRERA 532 Professional Hair Dryers 

CARRERA 532 CARRERA 532 Hair Dryer is a different option for people who travel to a portable hair dryer. It is feature-rich since it is equipped with modern technology that isn’t present in other models. It is a 100 percent risk-free purchase of this best hair dryer in India.

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Product Features:

  • Ionization CARRERA Hair Dryer has the feature of Permanent Ionization that will result in Keratin Smooth hair. The airflow features Argan Oil Infusion that will bring life to your hair. It will be silkier and shines better.
  • Super Hot and Cool: CARRERA hair dryer is the most effective female hair dryer that allows one style and dry hair. The two different settings for heat can easily dry wet hair. In addition, Cool Shot is a great tool for styling. Cool Shot is ideal for hair styling.
  • Narrow Concentrator: In point truth, the company is aimed at providing consistently high-quality results. Therefore, the narrow concentrator will direct all air to the desired area. Thus, it will ensure proper air delivery will be guaranteed throughout the day.
  • Turbine Motor: The CARRERA Hair Dryer is one of the strongest motors that it has. Single Turbine Motor: The Single Turbine Motor runs in 1600W and does not leave hair left behind. Thus, you’ll receive professional results.
  • Travel-friendly: The CARRERA Hair Dryer is aware of how many people like styling their hair while traveling. Therefore, the handle has been folded. Additionally, the dimensions are compact while the overall weight remains light. In addition, you get an additional travel bag to transport.

Buying Guide For Best Hair Dryer In India

Do you want to know which is the best hair dryer in India? There are a lot of options, however you must be specific about certain features. Before choosing the best hair dryer for men or women you must first select the one you like. What are the features you should be looking for? Follow our guide to making the right choice.


The slim packaging or size does not affect the performance for the device. If you’re not a professional, you are able to choose the best hair dryer in India with at minimum 1200W power. If you’re professional, you should look at a minimum wattage of 1800W. There are a variety of hair dryers with more than 1800W also. But, for continuous professional use, opt for models with 3600W.


The hair dryer typically consists of mesh filters. In actuality the filters inside are there to trap dirt and debris. Then, it is renowned for its ability to stop the development of overheating. This means that there is no chance of burning or even. It also aids to ensure even circulation of air. This means that you won’t be at risk of burning and damaged hair. You could even change the filter if it’s become damaged and old.

Auto Shut-Off

It’s not an option that is standard for the hair dryers. But, some dryers come with this feature for hassle-free use. Additionally, in the event of an overheated situation where you’ve been using the dryer for 7 hours or longer, the dryer will be shut down immediately. It is recommended to disconnect the appliance and then cool it down. After letting it cool down for two to three minutes, you are able to switch it back on to make use of it.

Price and Warranty

In the case of pricing that the device is sold at, the price is different depending on the functions. Prices can begin at as low as 400 rs, and go up to more than Rs 3000. It is all dependent on the specifications, features and design. The premium range of products will cost more than the range that is budget-friendly. However, the warranty is any time between one and two years. You can exchange or return it if you’re not satisfied with it.


The brands that customers trust most are the ones you should think about buying. If you want a professional-grade product it is possible to choose premium brands like Braun, Wahl, Philips, CHAOBA, Panasonic and others. However, for more affordable options, you can choose Havells, Syska, Nova, Vega and many more to mention. Be clear on the things you want and then make a decision on a fair settlement.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Hair Dryer In India?

What is the ideal size of a hair dryer?

If you’re an expert, then you’ll have no issues with large-sized dryers. If you are always on the move and traveling, they should choose smaller dryers to fit in any bag.

Why is a Cool Shot needed?

Hair styling isn’t feasible with constant heat. This will leave your hair stiff and dry. This is why you must select one of the Cool Short hairstyles and ensure that the shine is maintained throughout the day.

How silent are hair dryers?

The top-quality and best-quality hair dryer operates silently. It is due to the sophisticated mechanism that allows the hair dryer as well as its motor to run smoothly. So, you don’t have to be worried about irritating sound effects.

How many settings does a hair dryer have?

In the beginning, you’ll receive 3, or more options to dry hair. You can choose the level depending on your preferences. Additionally, you can pick between different options.

Final Words

Dry your hair and always style it when you own a top-quality hair dryer. The best brands give you effective results, without removing the moisture that your hair has. In addition, you can take the light option on your travels to various locations. After comparing the two, which one do you find the most appealing?

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