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When you are trying to find the top chair for your office in India on the internet, you might be confused. This is because there are a number of brands offered in the market. Because you’ll need to complete the majority of your work sitting on a couch in the middle of a laptop or computer, it is essential to pick a suitable office chair.

A quality office chair can aid you in maintaining the proper posture and offer the proper spine support and back. In this article, we’ve provided some of the 8 top best office chairs in India to make it easier for you. Let’s look at.

Best Office Chairs in India – Reviews

The most arduous and top workplace chairs available in India are:

1) Green Soul-Beast Series Multi-Functional Ergonomic Office Chair

Its ergonomic shape of the chair can help you maintain the proper posture. It also allows people to take as long a seat as they like without experiencing back discomfort. When you sit in this seat, you will be able to be at work for an extended period of time and be relaxed all day long.

It is available with Armour Black color. The dimensions of the chairs are 47 x 73 x Centimeters. In addition, the chair comes furnished with a backrest that is high that can be detachable to a padding for the headrest and the back cushion. These chairs provide the user with support for the neck and the spine. They have an integrated steel frame as well as a Class 4 hydraulic piston. In the end, we believe that it’s the best office chair available in India.

best office chairs in india
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Product Features:

  • Removable headrest: It includes an adjustable and removable Headrest Pillow. This innovative design gives customers maximum comfort.
  • Removable lumbar pillows: The office chair comes equipped with a movable as well as adjustable Lumbar Support Pillow, so it will provide the best comfort to your back. The lumbar pillow is typically employed when the user has to sit down on the chair (for working or playing) for an extended period of duration. It is available in two different colors which provide the office chair with an individual look.
  • Seat Bucket: The wide area of this office chair gives users with enough ease. This chair was constructed in a manner that the majority of weighty users can fit comfortably.
  • Support for neck and head: The product comes with a neck pillow which gives you the correct neck support. This means that there’s no room for any neck discomfort.
  • Knees and thigh support: With adequate knee and thigh assistance The unique design of this chair assists in reducing the pain in the thigh or legs.
  • Support for arms: The armrest comes with three-dimensional adjustable armrests that will provide great arm support.

Who should buy it?

This can be described as an ergonomic, multi-tasking chair. If you are looking to purchase chairs that are multi-purpose and functions, this chair is a good option.

2) MISURAA Imported Xenon High Back Ergonomic Chair

One of the most popular office chairs available in India is perfect for at-home and office usage. In addition, it permits users to alter your chair’s height to meet your needs.

In addition it also has an adjustable headrest that can be adjusted. The thing that makes this chair stylish is its body frame in grey and white. It is available in a Grey color. This chair’s design is ergonomic, making the chair trendy and stylish. Its reasonable cost of this item attracts purchasers the most.

best brands of office chairs in india
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Product Features:

  • An ergonomically designed backrest is equipped with a contoured backrest which is ideal to ensure your back is in good shape. When you sit in this chair for a long duration, you’ll be able to enjoy an elevated spine and an ideally in alignment body.
  • Seven Functions: The office chair is fitted with seven features. In addition to ensuring a comfortable sitting in a comfortable position, this chair can provide you with the best ease during your work. It also allows you to adjust the height of the lumbar support as well as the seat depth, the headrest’s height and angle; the tilt of the backrest and tilt tension along with the armrest’s height.
  • Easy to set up Easy to install: It comes with simple DIY instructions that will allow the installation of the chair in just seven steps. When you’ve installed the chair, you are able to alter it according to your needs.
  • Lumbar Support: In case you suffer from back pain, buying this office chair could be a wise choice. It comes with an adjustable lumbar which will give you backrest. This means that you can work for a longer time on this chair.
  • Top quality: It’s constructed in a manner to ensure it will last for a long time. We would suggest this chair to people who weigh between 140 and 140 kgs. Because it is constructed using premium materials the chair is extremely sturdy. It comes with a nylon mesh seat and back, a soft pad of nylon and base made of aluminum, and caster wheels that are heavy-duty.
  • Breathable Mesh: The chair is made of a breathable mesh in its back. In this way, you will be able to enjoy a comfortable and relaxing life.

Who should buy it?

This office chair features a sophisticated Synchro-Tilt Mechanism. It is suitable for office and home use.

3) Savya Home® by Apex Crusader XI Gaming Office Chair

The office chair is available in black and red. It has bucket seats which can provide an additional level of comfort. The unique style of the chair will help you to have enough support for your back.

It’s an outstanding gaming chair that is made of comfortable PU leather that is breathable as well as high density shaping foam. The office chair comes with the ability to adjust the lumbar support. Additionally, it comes with an ergonomic headrest that can provide protection for your neck and spine.

best office chairs for back pain in india
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Product Features:

  • High-quality material: It provides greater stability and stability because of a heavy-duty base and a nylon smooth-rolling caster. It’s equipped with Smooth PU leather as well as a seat cushion and lumbar pillows that give extra comfort and support for your back and neck.
  • Easy to Assemble: It is easy to assemble. You can purchase equipment and the needed equipment along with your chair. All you need to do is follow the instructions for the gaming chair for installation.
  • Multi-purpose Chair: This one is made of breathable leather. It also includes an adjustable lumbar cushion. In addition, it comes with a headrest cushion that will ensure your neck and spine are secured.
  • The comfortable seating chair is equipped with a thick cushion that provides the most comfortable seating. It can be used as a gaming seat, executive chair and computer chair.
  • 360-degree wheel: This top office chair has strong metal bases and nylon smooth-rolling wheels that assist to transport this chair around from spot to another.
  • The ergonomic design is strong metal frames which are designed to give the most comfortable sitting position. So, when you sit in this seat, you will enjoy a comfortable and relaxing time for a long time.

Who should buy it?

It’s a chair for gaming that is also suitable to work from. You can purchase it for yourself if you’re a game enthusiast.

4) CELLBELL C52 High Back Gaming Office Chair

It is among the best office chairs in India which is available in white and black colors. It operates on the pull back system. The chair has an upholstered seat that is soft and comfortable, as well as armrests that are padded.

It comes with a one-year guarantee of one year. The maximum capacity for the chair is 110kgs. The dimensions of the seat are 20” x 22” x (48”-52 ”).

best office chairs brands in india
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Product Features:

  • Rocking Back and Forth: It has an outside lever that is able to be used to activate it’s tilt mechanism. In order to start it, you must push it outwards and to stop it, pull it and move inwards. It comes with a great adjustable tilt knob.
  • Additional foam layer: The office chair comes with a strong wooden frame. It’s designed with a thick back padding and an additional foam layer.
  • Clean and easy to maintain: The chair comes with an upholstery made of soft and soft leather. The chair comes with an arm cushion as well as the cushioned seat. It is also resistant to water. This means that it is possible to clean the chair effortlessly.
  • Height adjustable: It comes with an adjustable tilt lock. In this instance you just need to press it in to lock it, and then push it out to allow the recline. You can alter the height of the chair as you’d like.
  • Ergonomic armrests: Cellbell features ergonomic armrests that let your hands relax at any time you’d like.
  • Durable upholstery: Since it’s being made of leather, the chair will last longer and be comfortable. The comfort is not just a bonus but also the stylish appearance of this chair will make your home look luxurious.

Who should buy it?

It’s perfect for at-home and office usage. If you’re looking to sit back and relax at work or at home, you should opt for this chair. If you’re a sports enthusiast, you could also pick this chair.

5) Savya Home APEX Chairs Apollo Plus Chrome Base & ARM HIGH Back Office Chair

The office chair has a dimension of 25”x26”x(48”-53”). The ergonomic Co-Polymer chair is equipped with strong plastic armrests with a Chrome-plated Metal Base.

The chair comes with an adjustable height for the seat that is pneumatic, 5 inches and a 2-inch-thick cushioned seat. This means that you will enjoy the most comfort with this chair.

best brands of office chairs in india
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Product Features:

  • Breathable Mesh Back: It is a great mesh back chair which provides the healthiest, longest-lasting and comfy sitting.
  • A Tilt Mechanism comes with a lever for tilt that is a Synchro-tilt Mechanism.
  • Height adjustable for the seat: The chair has the ability to alter the size of the seat according to your needs. It has a 360 degree Swivel as well as pneumatic gas lift system that will help you do this.
  • Period of warranty: Manufacturers offer a one-year warranty for the item. If the chair is damaged or you spot any manufacturing flaws you will be able to quickly contact help from the customer support.
  • Elegant design: The strength and durability of the finish make this one of the most comfortable desk chairs India with the highest demands and fashionable and stylish.
  • The product’s weight capacity is high. It can hold up to 120kgs in weight. The top-quality materials used in construction makes the product extremely durable and long-term usable.

Who should buy it?

If you are looking to buy an office chair that has an adjustable arm, this is the ideal option for you. This is a fantastic high-back office chair.

6) INNOWIN® Jazz Mid Back Mesh Office Chair

This chair is black and is perfect for office and home use. Users can easily assemble and put it up quickly.

The frame material for the chair’s frame is made of nylon. It is possible to assemble the chair quickly. It is also possible to use it without having to utilize any tool to connect the base to the seat. This is the most comfortable chair for office use to relieve lower back discomfort.

best office chairs for back pain in india
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Product Features:

  • Ergonomic lumbar cushion: This office chair has an ergonomic lumbar cushion which can provide you with the most comfortable experience without any hassle. Additionally, the chair comes with an adjustable arm.
  • A Lock Mechanism features the lever for locking that is an extremely heavy-duty single lock synchro mechanism. Furthermore, it features a Class 3 pneumatic height adjustment for the seat.
  • The wheels are made from nylon. INNOWIN(r) the Jazz mid back mesh office chair has nylon wheels. They have a diameter of 50 millimeters. The wheel is black color.
  • More capacity for weight: The mesh office chair has up to 120kgs.
  • Dimensions: The office chair is 70 inches by 63 inches by 43 Centimeters in size. It is available in black.
  • It is easy to put it together. It is possible to assemble the chair very quickly.

Who should buy it?

This comfortable chair with a cushion is great for office use. It is possible to be productive for a long period of time on this chair without experiencing back discomfort.

7) INNOWIN® Parker High Back Office Chair (Red)

The office chair is available in red. It is equipped with a sophisticated mechanism that allows you to keep it locked to any setting. The Office Chair is equipped with aluminum arms and paddling PU.

Its Seak design of the chair allows you to feel extremely relaxed. Nylon is the material used to build the frame inside.

best office chairs in india
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Product Features:

  • Ergonomic lumbar cushion: The most comfortable office chair to relieve lower back pain comprises the lumbar cushion. This means that users will experience maximum comfort making use of this chair. The chai comes with armrests that can be adjusted.
  • Lock Mechanism: It has a lever lock that is an extremely durable Lock Mechanism. The thing that makes it stand out is the fact that it is the only locking system that is in a position.
  • Nylon wheels: This Office Chair is equipped with nylon wheels. The wheels measure an overall length of 60 millimeters and aluminum bases. The wheel is available in black color.
  • More capacity of weight: The High Back office chair can handle carrying weights up to 150kg.
  • It is easy to set up Easy to install: You can put it together and put it in place quickly and easily. In this instance there is no required assistance with any equipment.
  • Elegant style: The office chair is in a red shade that will give a contrasting style to your living space.

Who should buy it?

If you’re a manager, CEO or executive officer, is it possible to purchase this chair? In a nutshell it is that this chair is ideal for offices.

8) beAAtho JS-2 Executive High Back Office Revolving Chair

Its dimensions for this chair, which is among the best office chairs in India is 85 53 x 53 inches x 53 Centimeters. The chair is available in a dark brown color. Frame of the office chair with a high back is constructed of wood. This chair is constructed with high-end upholstery materials that makes the product extremely sturdy.

The top-quality material in this chair makes it sturdy. In addition the additional padding aids in reducing back discomfort.

best office chairs in india
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Product Features:

  • Support: It will give you full support for your shoulders and back.|
  • Wheels made of castor: The chair comes equipped with top quality castor wheels. They are built with a strong metal base, and are long-lasting too.
  • The chair is comfortable: It features a comfortable, thick cushion, dual wheels, 360 degrees of Swivel Action. The office chair has a solid chrome material base.
  • Knee tilt: This is where you have to pull the lever until it will lock at 90 degrees. You then need to push the lever to move back until 105deg.
  • Back support for the lumbar region: The chair includes an adjustable lumbar cushion that helps in providing maximum ease to the back. The chair is ergonomic in its back design. The levers are fitted with the mechanism for tensioning tilt in this instance.
  • Dimension: The chair for office use comes with a dimension of 85 53 inches by 53 Centimeters.

Who should buy it?

It’s a high back chair that is great for office workers. Also, for use at home, you could opt for this chair.

Buying Guide Of The Best Office Chairs In India

When purchasing an office chair you have to be aware of a few key elements. Below, we’ve provided some factors you should consider prior to buying the ideal workplace chair available in India.

1.) Lumbar support

If you purchase an office chair, be sure to look for this feature first. Back strain is the main issue that all people have to deal with due to a poor posture of sitting. The right lumbar support can assist you with this issue. It helps you get an ideal spine and provides excellent back support. By using it, you’ll be able to get a natural curve in your back. Additionally, it can help remove lower, middle, or other back problems. Mesh and cushion fabrics are commonly used in many situations. You can select any of them according to your preference. However, you can opt for a reclining chair or a back support with an adjustable design. reclined chairs.

2.) Seat height & other adjustments

The majority of office chairs are equipped with seats that can be adjusted to allow users to adjust the seat using the lever. There are some high-end chairs that have several adjustable features, like headrest angle, recline angle, armrest height and more. So, when you are in the process of purchasing, ensure that the chair you’re buying has these features. These features can assist you stretch your body properly and help maintain your muscles in a relaxed state when you sit for long periods.

3) Dimensions

It is important to select the chair that is able to accommodate the body’s size and shape. To do this, it is important to examine the chair’s size, dimensions, depth and the height. A standard office chair is with a height of 35 to 45 inches and 20-25 inches of depth and 19-24 inches in width.

4.) Fabric & cushioning

It’s also one of the most important factors that should be considered when purchasing an office chair. Certain chairs come with an upholstery leather cover while others include a mesh-like covering. This mesh cover design is great for air circulation and gives sufficient back support. However the leather covers are slightly heated. They can still provide great support. You can choose one of them according to your needs. But, it is preferential to go with a mesh-like cover. It is the case when you live in a warmer environment. If you’d like to feel more cushioned and comfortable, then leather chairs could be beneficial. In this instance it is important to be sure that the chair you purchase is of high quality padding. A high-quality office chair should contain about two inches of cushioning.

5.) Castor wheels & base with swivel

The majority of office chairs have four or five wheel castors. They allow the chair to glide swiftly over any type of surface. This means that it is possible to move your chair effortlessly anytime you’d like. For instance, you could move the chair over to the desk of your coworker and sit on it. It will not make any noise during the process of turning.

Features of Best Office Chairs in India

We have listed some of the features most effective office chairs should be equipped with. If you are looking to purchase the most effective office chair, be sure that the chair you purchase has these specifications. Take a look at these specifications.

1.) Height adjustment of the seat A well-designed office chair must come with a seat adjustable height mechanism. Thus, anyone of all sizes is able to fit easily. A majority of the latest height-adjustable office chairs come with pneumatic cylinders that help to alter the height. For this it is simply necessary to simply pull on the lever at the bottom of the chair.

2.) Adjustability of the seat angle Adjustability of the angle allows users to adjust the cushions angle. It also allows you to change the seat to an elongated setting.

3.) Adjustability of seat length The taller people benefit from this. They can adjust the seat forward and backwards depending on their preferences.

4.) The Back Angle With this option, you can alter the angle of your backrest to suit your preference. It allows you to change between sitting in the traditional and more comfortable position.

5.) Armrests: They can give you a sense of comfort while keeping your shoulders, upper arm muscles in a comfortable posture.

6.) Lumbar support: It is the most important aspect of a chair for office use. The lumbar cushion will give you support for your spinal lumbar region( about a few inches above the base of your spine). Chairs that have Lumbar support can help to lessen the pain in your spine.


The best office chair purchasing the best office chair in India isn’t too difficult. What you have to do is examine the characteristics of the most comfortable office chair. This will make the purchase worth it. A wide range of chairs are on the market. Make sure you pick the most suitable one. To achieve this, all you need to do is adhere to our purchasing guide. Then, choose the ideal office chair from the list below.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Office Chairs In India

Which is the best work from home chairs?

The most effective work-from-home chairs are The following are some of them:

Green Soul– best office chair

MISURAA Imported Xenon–runner up

CELLBELL is an affordable and great pick

INNOWIN(r)– budget-friendly

Which are the best office chair brands in India?

Green Soul, MISSURAA, CELLBELL, etc. are among the top chairs for office use in India.

Why are office chairs very costly?

Office chairs are constructed to be constructed in a manner that they be used for an extended period of time. They are ergonomically designed and are much more durable as compared to regular chairs.

Which features differ between a gaming chair and an office chair?

Gaming chairs have high backs, while office chairs tend to be less streamlined. But, gaming chairs with ergonomic designs come with a wide range of features that increase comfort, such as recline, lumbar support seats, height adjustable as well as adjustable arms, footrests and so on.

Why do office chairs come with five legs?

They are fitted with five wheels to give the most stability to users. Chairs with four or three wheels require extremely long legs to offer that level of stability. Chairs that have more than five wheels can be costly.

Is a mesh office chair best of all?

You can alter the height of these mesh chairs according to your requirements. It features a curvature design in the back which helps users maintain a healthy posture.

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