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India’s summer heat is unstoppable. The temperature can rise the next day even though it might rain for one day. This is how unpredictable Indian summer can be. It’s almost impossible to survive the summer without an AC. The best split AC in India is now available for purchase and you will find one in every household. It is modern, stylish, and very affordable.

ACs are usually composed of two units. The indoor unit must be installed in your room, while the outdoor unit can be left outside. Many brands offer many different features. There are many options for temperature, capacity and other features. Your AC’s capacity will depend on the size of your room.

This comprehensive review will help you make an informed decision. Decide what you like, then place your order.

Best 1 & 1.5 Ton Split AC in India – Reviews

1) LG 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC

With its outstanding features, the LG Inverter Split AC in India has always been a leader in the market. This model has an improved SEER of 4.73. The compressor and gas charging are covered by a 10-year warranty. The entire product comes with a 1-year warranty.

Best Splic AC in India
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Products Features:

  • HD Filter with Antivirus Protection: The LG AC has an Anti-Virus protection layer, which is easily attached to the HD filter. It also has a filter mesh. It also has a Cationic Silver Ions coating. This means that viruses and bacteria won’t affect your health.
  • Stabilizer Free Plus: LG AC recognizes that India is subject to power fluctuations. The Stabilizer Free Plus prevents voltage fluctuations from affecting the AC. It actually prevents them and keeps you safe.
  • Silent operation: This split AC is among the most reliable in India. You will be able to rest easy. It creates a quiet and peaceful environment. This creates a pleasant atmosphere.
  • Himalaya Cool: The LG AC allows you to create a cool atmosphere as soon as it is turned on. Simply touch the button to generate natural air, just like in the Himalayas. It is exclusive to LG.
  • Hi-Grooved Copper: The LG AC is equipped with a Hi–Grooved Copper install that resists corrosion and rust. This allows for oscillatory movements, which facilitate heat dissipation.

2) Sanyo 1.5 Ton 3 Star Dual Inverter Split AC

The Sanyo 2020 Split AC in India is available in a simple white color, but it looks elegant. Its ISEER Value is 3.80, which clearly shows its quality. It can cool entire rooms even on the hottest days. It requires very little maintenance to save money.

Best Splic AC in India
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Products Features:

  • Duo Cool Inverter Technology: Sanyo 2020 AC will reduce your electricity bills. The compressor is equipped with two independent rotors. It will cool any area quickly.
  • Glacier Mode: The Sanyo 2020 AC allows you to turn on the Glacier Mode easily. Medium mode will see a fan speed 35% faster. This will result in instant cooling under all conditions.
  • Sleep Function: When the Sleep Mode is turned on, you will have a peaceful and uninterrupted sleep. This feature has the unique ability to adjust the temperature automatically according to the ambient temperature.
  • Clean Air: The Sanyo 2020 AC has an integrated PM 2.5 and anti-dust filters. This traps dust, pollen and other foreign particles. You will breathe clean air.
  • Backlit Remote: Sanyo 2020AC lets you operate your appliance even in total darkness. You can see all buttons clearly because they are brightly lit. This makes it easy to use.

3) Whirlpool 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC 

Whirlpool 5-Star Split AC is still the best split AC in India. It can handle 1.5-ton, making it ideal for small rooms. It also operates at very low noise levels. It emits only 45dB of noise that isn’t likely to disrupt anyone’s sleep.

Best Splic AC in India
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Products Features:

  • Turbo Cool: Whirlpool Split Air Conditioner features smart MPFI Technology. The smart circuit and capillary design are further incorporated into the system. This will instantly cool the room and increase the comfort level.
  • Sense FastCool Technology: The Whirlpool Split AC provides instant cooling and relief. The room will cool down as soon as you turn it on. There are no cooling issues.
  • 55 degrees C Cools: Outside temperatures can reach 55 degrees C. But that won’t affect the temperature in the room. Even when outside temperatures are high, it can cool a room.
  • IntelliSense Technology: Whirlpool Split AC ensures that you don’t waste energy. This feature determines your cooling requirements. Then, it adapts to your cooling needs. This ensures that there is minimal power consumption.
  • R32 Eco Refrigerator: Whirlpool Split Air Conditioner vouches to protect the environment and nature. It uses an R32 Eco Refrigerant. This will result in a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

4) Voltas 1.5 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC

Voltas 3-Star Split AC in India will provide cooling for hot days and nights. Because it uses R-32 refrigerant, the product is safe for the environment. This product also features a copper condenser coil, which will improve the cooling process.

Best Splic AC in India
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Products Features:

  • Adjust Mode: Voltas 3-Star AC can be adjusted according to how many people are in a room. It has remarkable cooling power. The weather conditions play an important role as well.
  • Superdry Mode: Voltas 3-Star AC has the best split AC in India for humid conditions. This mode quickly dehumidifies the space. This mode traps extra vapor and gives instant relief.
  • PM 2.5 Filtration: The PM 2.5filter has a transparent cover. It uses passive natural ventilation to improve the air quality in a room. It makes the room healthy and dust-free.
  • Voltas 3: Star AC is silent. It is quite quiet at 44dB. Its annoying, squeaky sound will not disrupt your sleep.
  • Voltas 3-Star AC Anti: Bacterial Coating makes sure no bacteria, virus, or germs can get near you. The anti-bacterial coating protects you against foreign elements that could harm you.

5) Hitachi 1.5 Ton 5 Star Inverter Split AC

Hitachi Inverter Split AC in India is powerful and provides proper cooling. It has a huge 1.5-ton cooling capacity, which will cool any size room. It can be adjusted at a variety of speeds to suit your needs. Its ISEER value is 4.55, which reflects its quality.

Best Splic AC in India
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Products Features:

  • Intelligent Penta sensor: The Hitachi Split AC is equipped with an Intelligent Penta sensor. This best split AC in India features an intelligent microcontroller, which will help in uniform cooling. This cools the whole room and keeps the AC components safe.
  • Hitachi Split AC: Tropical Design. The room stays cool even in temperatures above 52 degrees. The cool breeze it generates allows the room to drop to a comfortable temperature.
  • Filter Clean Indicator: AC tends to get very dirty. It will not produce efficient results if it isn’t properly maintained. The Filter Clean Indicator indicates when it is necessary to clean the filter at regular intervals. Always clean effectively!
  • Hitachi Split AC Expandable Inverter Air Conditioner is capable of handling harsh weather. It cools down the interior and eliminates humid weather. It also makes it easier to achieve the ideal temperature in your room.
  • Stabilizer-free operation: The Hitachi Split AC can handle the unimaginable fluctuations with ease. No additional charge will be added to your bill if the power fluctuation ranges from 160V to 255V.

6) Daikin 0.8 Ton 3 Star Split AC 

The Daikin Split AC has been rated as one of India’s best and most affordable split ACs. For uniform results, it uses 100 percent copper coils. This best split AC in India comes with power supplies for outdoor use. You are safe and secure, so there is no chance of you getting hurt. It’s a powerful 2019 model.

Best Splic AC in India
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Products Features:

  • Coanda Airflow: The Daikin Split AC allows for even distribution of cool air. Radiant cooling allows air to reach every corner. This can be done by simply pressing the remote control.
  • Econo Mode: Daikin Split AC ensures that your electricity bills are within the limits. It will allow the AC to run safely if other electrical devices are connected to the same circuit. You will also save a lot of money.
  • Strong Insulation Kit: This kit is designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions. These have been UV-treated to ensure that they last and can withstand adverse conditions.
  • Self diagnosis: The Daikin Split AC can detect errors and faulty programs. It will identify it and send the code to your remote control. You can now share it with Daikin professionals.
  • Power Chill Operation: The Daikin Split AC can cool the room immediately if needed. You can get immediate results by pressing this button. It will not use unnecessary power.

7) AmazonBasics 1 Ton 3 Star 2022 Inverter Split AC

This is yet another best split AC in India, and it comes from Amazon. This is the 2022 model with all the latest features. It also features an inverter compressor to save even more. It can cool any 110 square foot room. It can cool any room up to 110 sq.

Best Splic AC in India
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Products Features:

  • Four-Stage Filtration: AmazonBasics has introduced a four-stage filtration process. This model uses 3M micro dust filters. This filter traps visible and invisible dust, as well as other pollutants. This filter can trap microscopic particles as small as 0.3um.
  • Hidden Display: AmazonBasics’ body design is sleek and elegant. The display can be hidden if necessary. It also ensures that the environment is very peaceful for individuals.
  • Anti-Fungal Function: Your AC has an integrated antifungal function. After you turn off your AC with a remote, the blower motor will work for 40 seconds. The water in the evaporator coil can be easily drained.
  • Amazon Basics Sleep Mode allows you to sleep uninterrupted. It reduces excessive cooling. You will be able to sleep comfortably at night. It also results in energy savings.
  • Multiple Modes: Amazon Basics lets the user choose the mode that they wish to use. Apart from Sleep Mode, it has Fan Mode, Dry Mode, Auto Mode, as well as Auto Mode. You can change the modes according to the weather or your needs.

8) Whirlpool 1.5 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC

Another example of exceptional craftsmanship is the Whirlpool MagicoOL Split AC. This AC has all the features you need to make summer fun. The room can be cooled down even if it is 55 degrees Celsius. It is also very low maintenance so you don’t have to spend much.

Best Splic AC in India
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Products Features:

  • Whirlpool AC’s Auto-Air Swing makes air circulation easy. The louver motor can be turned on and off with the auto-swing. The louver motor will automatically swing to cover all the air, so everyone can enjoy the air.
  • Hepa Filter Media: Whirlpool AC provides the best experience, when the AC is on. The Hepa filter allows air to pass through fine mesh. This filter traps dust, pollen and any other harmful elements.
  • Self Clean: This means that you don’t have to wait for service personnel to clean it. The Self Clean option does not allow for rust to form on the evaporator coil. It also prevents any harmful microorganisms from growing in your AC.
  • Eco Mode: Whirlpool AC cares about conserving energy. The Eco Mode will slow down the compressor. This will reduce any pressure increase in the condenser. This will result in a reduction of the motor’s energy consumption and thus, efficiency.

9) Voltas 1.4 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split Adjustable AC

Voltas Split AC is the perfect companion for hot summer nights. The AC can cool any room due to its condenser coil. It also protects the environment. This best split AC in India can be considered eco-friendly.

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Products Features:

  • Voltas Split AC 4-Speed Fan Function: You can deal with any type of weather. It has four speeds. It can be adjusted to suit the weather conditions.
  • Voltas Split AC CO2 Reduction: Voltas Split AC knows that the harmful effects of CO2 in a room can be very dangerous. The filter ensures cleaner air by eliminating the CO2 from a closed area.
  • Remote Control with LED: With a remote, you can control the AC and manage it. The LED display will show all information. You can also control everything even in darkness.
  • Voltas Split AC has a 3-star Energy Star Rating that promises significant savings. It can be run for hours, and the annual consumption is only 1101.55. This is a small amount compared to other appliances that consume a lot of energy.
  • Multi-Stage Filtration: The Voltas Split AC offers multiple filtration systems to block out unwanted elements. It prevents pollen and mites from entering. It can also be used to filter out germs, bacteria, and viruses. Hence, clean air always.

Buying Guide For Best Split AC in India

There are many types of AC on the market. Split AC is the best product for modern homes. Split AC India’s best has all the features you need to deal with India’s extreme weather. What are these features? Here are some details.

Air purifier:

An air purifier can be added to your AC to help you produce clean air. Purified air is healthier to inhale. You will also find no odour or smell that can disturb your peace.

Anti-Bacterial Coating:

An anti-bacterial coating is essential to protect users from germs, bacteria, and other viruses. It’s usually found in the filters, which provide all protection inside the room.

Auto Clean:

This eliminates the need for manual cleaning. You don’t even need to call the service personnel often for maintenance. Auto Clean makes it easy to clean the AC’s interior when it detects something unusual. It also prevents mold and rust formation.

Automatic Moisture Adjustment:

You can now turn your AC on if the humidity is too high. Some ACs can adjust their AC to match the humidity in the air. This makes the air cool and less irritating to skin.


This mode is ideal for rainy seasons. This mode can be used to remove moisture from indoor air when the weather is very humid. You will feel a cool, refreshing sensation even in extremely humid conditions.

Dust Filter:

You want to feel clean and fresh inside your room. A Dust Filter can be used in an AC to stop dust from entering the room. It is also beneficial for people who are allergic to dust.

Inverter Compressor:

The speed of the AC can be adjusted to any temperature by using an inverter compressor. It is reliable, efficient, and saves lots of energy. This means that you will pay less for electricity.

Remote Control:

Nearly every brand comes with a remote control. The remote is essential as it allows you to control all AC activities. This remote can control everything, from speed changes to changing modes.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Split AC in India

What are the differences in split AC modes?

The brand that you choose will determine the number of modes in your AC. There are several modes, including Fan Mode, Turbo Cooling Mode, Sleep Mode, and Fan Mode. To find out more, you just need to compare the products.

What length should an AC be run for?

Your AC can be run for up to 24 hours. It is recommended that you give your AC a rest every once in a while. It’s safe and will prolong the life of your machine. It can be used for up to 12 hours without any interruptions. A little rest after the 8-12 hour run will make it much safer.

What speed does an AC cool a room?

It all depends on what product you use. Split ACs in India are the best. They can cool down your room quickly and offer relief. There are many options that can help you achieve the desired temperature in your room.

What’s the benefit of Sleep Mode?

You don’t want to wake up in the middle of the night to adjust your AC. The room temperature is determined by the Sleep Mode. It adjusts the AC to ensure uninterrupted sleep.


There are so many features and options to choose from, it is possible that you have reached a decision. You can be sure that the best split AC in India will provide all of these features. This will keep your home cool and save you a lot of money. Make your decision and get the product that you like.

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