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There are so many options on the market that it can be difficult to find the right trolley bag. A trolley bag is expensive and requires quality investment. You should consider these main points when buying the best trolley bags in India.

There are many bags on the market, all promising to deliver the best features, benefits, and customer service. We’ve compiled a list of the best  trolley bags in India to make your job easier. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Best Trolley Bags in India – Reviews

1) AGARO Galaxy Set of 2 Polyester Black Softsided Suitcase/Luggage

This AGARO Galaxy Set of 2 Polyester Black Softsided Suffie Suitcases is a great choice. You will be satisfied with its material, space and durability. It can be carried anywhere without any weight restrictions. This suitcase’s dimensions and weight are 35x24x58 cm (S), 40x27x68 cm (M), 2.8 kg (S), and 3.2kg (M).

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These are some of the features included in this suitcase:

Products Features

  • Expandable storage: Now you can carry as much as you like. This new suitcase has expandable features. This suitcase comes with 25% more parking space.
  • The latest lightweight travel companion: This suitcase is light enough to be carried anywhere you like. This suitcase makes it easy and effortless to travel.
  • Eight 360deg spinner wheel: These 8 smart wheels make it easy to move your luggage in any direction. 360deg Smart wheels offer a unique experience.
  • 600D Polyester material: The AGARO Galaxy Case has a soft, flexible polyester material that is both practical and beautiful. It’s so practical and absorbs impact without leaving marks or dents.
  • Large interiors: This new suitcase was designed to meet the needs of customers. The large storage space is a plus. This spacious suitcase can hold a lot.

2) it luggage Connective Hard Sided Suitcase

It luggage Connective Hard Sided Suitcase comes with an 8 Wheel Trolley. This bag is the best in India. The latest design is elegant and strong, with attractive colors. They have been designed to be comfortable and suitable for customers. This trolley meets the highest quality standards. Let’s take a look at its features.

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Products Features

  • Dual spinner wheels: This gives you an extreme experience. The trolley can be moved on any surface with ease thanks to the super dual spinner wheels. The trolley’s 306deg rotatable wheels allow for easy movement in all directions.
  • Protective lugs: The all-new trolley has protective lugs on the sides and bottom that help to prevent scratches and marks from the surface. This is a very useful feature.
  • Space expansion from the middle: This feature is important and allows you to store extra luggage. This feature is very popular.
  • You will find a distinctive detail with tough and rough material in the luggage. It is made of ABS material, which provides a durable and long-lasting experience. This protects your items and prevents dents and scratches.
  • Aluminum handle: The aluminum handle is lockable from both sides by pressing a button. It can also be adjusted to different heights. This suitcase is easy to transport because of its strong handle.

3) MOKOBARA Set of 2 Luggage Polycarbonate Hardsided Suitcase Trolley

The MOKOBARA Set 2 Luggage Polycarbonate Hardside Suffie Trolley is the best in India. You will have a great time on your trip because you don’t have to worry about your luggage. It’s so easy to use and it is worth the effort. It has the latest and most modern design.

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These are some of the features included in this suitcase:

Products Features

  • You can charge your phone anywhere you go with this USB charging socket. This amazing trolley will take care of everything.
  • Super silent ninja wheel: These powerful, quiet, and smooth wheels allow you to glide on any surface or floor. These super solid wheels allow you to move effortlessly.
  • Magic eraser: The magic eraser’s new feature will prevent you from getting scuff marks. This amazing eraser can be used to easily remove scuff marks.
  • Dust cover and laundry bags: Cover your suitcase with this laundry bag before storing it to keep dust from getting into your luggage. This will help keep your clothes tidy and clean.
  • TSA-approved locks: This trolley has a keyless security system. Push the latch towards the number to lock or unlock your trolley. This trolley offers full security for its customers.

4) Skybags Trooper 55 Cms Polycarbonate Blue Hardsided Cabin Luggage

Skybags are always a top choice for customers. They are a pleasure to their customers. This trolley measures 38 cm x 21cm x 55cm. These bags are among the most popular in India and meet all customers’ needs.

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These are some of the features included in this trolley.

Products Features:

  • 360deg rotating casters: With the smart 360deg rotating casters, you can move your trolley in any direction at will. These powerful wheels are easy to maneuver and can glide across any surface.
  • Large storage space: The well-organized interior space gives you ample space to store all your stuff. This trolley is spacious and provides satisfaction to its users.
  • Push-button trolley handle: This feature allows you to easily handle your trolley. Now you can push the button on the handle to fix your trolley at any height that is convenient for you.
  • Strong, scratch-resistant structure: The new design of the skybags trolley features a sleek design and strong material that protects your trolley against scratches and marks. It’s so easy to use.
  • Combination lock for safety: This smart design locks the trolley chain together to provide safety. To unlock your trolley, simply scroll or type the code towards.

5) Skybags Rubik Polyester 68 Cms Blue Softsided Check-in Luggage

Skybags offers the best deals. Skybags’ goal is to satisfy all its customers. The trolley is lightweight and sturdy. It’s so easy to use and convenient. Its dimensions measure 13x68x42 cm, which makes it very practical. It is widely regarded as one of the most luxurious luggage bags in India.

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Let’s take a look at its key features.

Products Features:

  • Push-button trolley: The trolley’s handle has a push button that allows you to control it easily. You can adjust the handle’s height to suit your needs.
  • Corner guards: The trolley is cleverly and efficiently designed. The trolley has a corner guard that is beautifully designed to ensure safety.
  • Large interiors: The all-new trolley has a spacious interior that can hold as much as you need. You have plenty of space to store your luggage.
  • The trolley is lightweight and easy to transport. You don’t have to worry about the weight or burden of this trolley.
  • Combination lock: This trolley provides you with a combination lock option that is crucial for the safety and security of your luggage. This provides strong security for your stuff.

6) American Tourister Ivy Polypropylene 68 cms Black Hardsided Check-in Luggage

American Twister is a well-known brand that makes luggage bags and trolley bags. The company offers new designs of the best trolley bags in India. It designs bags keeping in mind the needs of its customers. American Twister Ivy luggage bags are among the most popular in India. They measure 47x26x68cm and weigh 3.54 Kilograms.

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Let’s take a look at the features of American Twister Ivy.

Products Features

  • Capacity: The luggage bag can hold a large capacity of 63 Liters. This bag is ideal for long trips as it can hold enough belongings.
  • TSA Lock: The TSA Lock feature provides security and safety to customers’ belongings.
  • Durability: Made of polypropylene material, it has a hard outer shell that makes it extremely durable.
  • Wheels and compartments: It has two wheels, one compartment and works smoothly.
  • Warranty: This luggage comes with a 3 year warranty. It is also international.

7) Safari RAY Polycarbonate 53 cms Midnight Blue Hardsided Cabin Luggage

Safari Ray luggage is the best trolley bags in India, with dimensions of 22cm x 36cm x 53cm and weighing 2800g. It is a stunning bag with a great case and body. The large space and attractive design make it a magnet for customers. It is highly sought after by customers because it is so popular.

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Let’s look at the key features it has:

Products Features:

  • Four wheels: The trolley bag is popular among travelers today.
  • TSA Lock: This TSA lock locks your trolley bag and ensures your belongings are safe and secure. It also has a number lock.
  • Water Resistant: It is water resistant. It won’t let your belongings get soaked. It absorbs water and keeps your products secure and safe.
  • It is durable and long-lasting. The trolley bag comes with a hard shell and a polycarbonate shell. It is well worth the investment.
  • Warranty: The warranty on the trolley bag is five years. International warranty is also available.

8) VIP Trace Polycarbonate Hardsided Luggage

VIP Trace Polycarbonate Hardside Bag offers three sizes of luggage: small, medium and large. These luggage are the most popular in India. It measures 56cm x 31cm x 76cm and offers luxury and comfort to its users.

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Let’s take a look at the features it has:

Products Features:

  • Capacity: This bag can hold 180 liters of luggage and is ideal for large families, or small ones.
  • Water-resistant: The VIP luggage bag is water-resistant, and can absorb water from outside. It doesn’t affect the material inside.
  • Wheels and compartments: This bag is equipped with 4 wheels and 2 compartments. It makes it easier and more convenient for customers.
  • Type of Lock: It comes with a number lock. It protects your belongings from theft.
  • Warranty: The luggage bag comes with a 1-year warranty

Buying Guide for Best Trolley Bags in India

We have seen that transportation has grown in popularity. People travel often now and again. The convenience of a travel trolley bag makes everyday life easier. You need to choose the right one from the many options. All the factors that influence the purchase of a trolley bag have been covered. These features will assist you in selecting the best luggage bag for India. These are some of the things that you should consider before buying a trolley bag. These are some of the factors:


You should pay attention to the size of your trolley bag. There are many sizes and styles of trolley bags. You can also examine the different heights of each trolley bag to make sure you are able to choose the right size for your needs.

Number of wheels

Sturdy wheels are essential for any trolley as they will allow you to glide across any type of floor. There are two types of singular and dual wheels, which means that there must be either four- or eight wheels. They are both amazing, but the trolley with eight wheels is superior.

Hard or soft

There are two types available on the market: soft or hard. Both can be useful. Both are useful. A hard suitcase protects your luggage while a soft suitcase has more storage space. You have the option to choose according to the needs of your family.

TSA lock

The TSA Lock is included with these suitcases. It secures and protects your belongings. You can only open it by using a few encryptions. This is so easy to use.

Waterproof bag

These suitcases are waterproof and will protect your luggage against damage. Customers look for this important feature. Although it may be expensive, it protects your items from moisture and rain.

Pockets and organizational system

A soft suitcase is the best choice when it comes to pockets. We all know that the more pockets you have, the more stuff you can store in your suitcase. Your bag should be able to accommodate your needs. It is becoming more popular to have a lot of pockets in your suitcase.


Trolleys should have strong and sturdy handles. A good suitcase provides a pleasant and comfortable handling experience. Even better, the handle can be built directly from the inside of the trolley. This gives trolleys more power and durability.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Trolley Bags In India 

Which type of luggage should one choose?

There are two types: hard side and outside luggage. Both types of luggage are excellent and preferred by the public. It all depends on the individual’s travel style and preference.

Which luggage is good: two-wheelers or four-wheelers?

Because of the comfort and ease it offers, the four-wheeler trolley bag is more preferred to the two-wheeler. It can also cause problems, as four-wheelers can spin like a roller and become difficult to control.

What’s the most trending color that is preferable for luggage?

You can find luggage in any color, from metallic solids to various prints. The luggage with black color shows the least wear. People prefer lighter-colored, printed luggage to stand out from the rest.

How can one find the safety and security in a luggage bag?

Luggage bags provide safety and security to customers. It is equipped with a lock, password and key to ensure safety and security.

Do USB charging pods create problems while travelling?

The USB charging pods are not a problem for travelers. It has been designed to be harmless to people.


You might now be aware of the key features to consider before purchasing a trolley bag. The options are endless. You can choose the bag that suits your needs and preferences. Make sure you do your research and find the right one for you.

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