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Is your kitchen appliance giving up? It’s time to get rid of the old kitchen appliances and replace them with one of the top Indian kitchen hobs. Although gas stoves were a common fixture in Indian households for many decades, they are no longer necessary. Because they are so basic, gas stoves can be difficult to use. You will never be able to return to a kitchen stove again once you have it.

Kitchen hobs are a great tool for making your life easier. However, they also have a visual advantage. A modular kitchen is lost without the old, gritty gas stoves. The kitchen hob, on the other side, fits in perfectly with the rest.

Best Kitchen Hobs In India – Reviews

1) Bosch Built in Gas HOB POH6B6B10I

Bosch is well-known for producing high quality home appliances. These best kitchen hobs in India will also meet all your expectations. It is undoubtedly one of the most popular kitchen hobs India has to offer. You will be able to cook delicious dishes with ease.

Best Kitchen Hobs In India
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Products Features

  • Controls: Bosch POH6B6B10I is a smart design. The controls are located on the sides. This allows you to keep a safe distance from the fire if you are afraid of being too close to it.
  • Pans: Each pan is made from steel by Bosch POH6B6B10I. The pans are not at risk of rusting over time. Cook everything with ease.
  • Burner: Cooking doesn’t always require a burning flame. Bosch knows this. This product is an economic burner. This product can be used for all your slow cooking and small tasks.
  • Safety: Bosch POH6B6B10I places safety first. These precautions are important. To avoid accidents, the product comes with a flame failure safety device.
  • Bosch POH6B6B10I makes it as easy as possible to clean. You can wipe the product with a soft cloth. The burner can be kept in the best possible condition.

2) Glen 1074 SQ Glass Hob

The kitchen hob can be installed in any modular kitchen just like it was designed for you. This product is an excellent example of how to make the most of appliances that have undergone upgrades.

Best Kitchen Hobs In India
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Products Features

  • Top: Glen 1074SQ does not compromise on the quality of its product. The hob’s top is made of toughened glass. This product is one of the most popular kitchen hobs in India.
  • Burner: Glen 1074 SQ is a product that will last. Brass is the material used by the burners on this hob. The brass is also forged. This best kitchen hobs in India makes it ideal for high-temperature cooking.
  • Multitasking is key to speed up cooking. This product has a strategically placed burner. This allows you to combine large utensils without needing extra space.
  • Knobs: Glen 1074SQ lets the performance speak for itself. Bakelite is the material used for all knobs. It gives the item a professional look and provides a firm grip for easy use.
  • Gas Valves: Glen 1074SQ gas valves have high precision. This is a great advantage when controlling the flame. You also don’t have to worry about sims-offs again.

3) iBell 590GH Kitchen Hob

You might not be able to spend as much if you’re just starting out with your own home. This best kitchen hobs in India is a great choice for such people.

Best Kitchen Hobs In India
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Products Features

  • Body: iBell590GH uses only the highest quality materials. All parts of the body are made from stainless steel. Steel is very strong. This product can be trusted for a long-lasting service.
  • Burner: The iBell 590GH is known for its high-efficiency burners. The burners are resistant to heat damage, making them one of the most popular kitchen hobs available in India.
  • Pan Support: The iBell 590GH now supports each pan that is placed on the kitchen hob. You can now cook with greater ease. This not only made cooking easier, but also made it less messy.
  • Warranty: This best kitchen hobs in India offers something that many other kitchen hobs won’t be able to. The item comes with a 5-year warranty, which is the best way to be sure of its quality.
  • Auto-ignition: The iBell 590GH has this feature. The ignition is powered by a battery so you don’t need lighters or matches to light it.

4) Kaff BLH 804 Built in Kitchen Hob

This product will meet any need, no matter what it may be. This best kitchen hobs in India is packed with many features that make it easy to use. This is without a doubt one of the most popular kitchen hobs you’ll find in India.

Best Kitchen Hobs In India
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Products Features

  • Kaff BLH804 provides extra protection. All sides of the item have a decorative SS molded strip. This not only gives the product a beautiful display but also protects the edges.
  • Safety: Kaff BLH804 doesn’t let any preventive measures go. The flame failure device is built into the kitchen hob. You don’t have to be more cautious when using the kitchen hob.
  • Kaff BLH804 design is practical. There are two large spaces at the front and back of the product. This allows you to make full use of the large assembly.
  • Glass: This product has a black glass surface that is 8mm thick. The glass is also tempered. It will be difficult to break this tough glass, as it is.
  • Drip Tray: Kaff BLH804 has added the essential feature of a drip tray. This traps oils and other impurities and keeps your kitchen clean and tidy.

5) Whirlpool Elite Hybrid HD 704 Gas Hob

Whirlpool has been a trusted name in India when it comes to home appliances for many years. This product is sure to please. Despite all its features, this best kitchen hobs in India can be purchased at a very affordable price.

Best Kitchen Hobs In India
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Products Features

  • Knobs: The knobs of the Whirlpool Elite Hybrid 704 make heads turn. All knobs have a chrome finish. They are heat resistant, so your fingers won’t get burned while cooking.
  • Hybrid: The Whirlpool Elite hybrid HD 704 kitchen hob is a great example of a hybrid design. You can choose to have the product installed as a standalone item or as a part of a set.
  • Ignition: It’s no longer necessary to have matchboxes for cooking. The product features an auto-ignition function that will turn the knob to lighten the burner.
  • Multi-control: The Whirlpool Elite Hybrid 704 is specially designed for Indian cooking. This product is extremely efficient and has multiple controls. You can set it to the perfect temperature, no matter if it is high or low flame.
  • Grid: Whirlpool Elite hybrid HD 704 uses cast-iron for the grid. This is a great choice for the best kitchen hobs in India. The utensils are lighter and more stable, which makes them safer for larger batches.

6) Glen 1063 SQ Auto Ignition Built in Hob 

This item is suitable for those who don’t need as many burners or have limited space in their kitchen. This item has three burners and is therefore better suited for small kitchens.

Best Kitchen Hobs In India
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Products Features

  • Pan support: The Glen 1063 SQ includes pan supports that have been enameled with strong vitreous substances. The product provides a solid foundation for any type of vessel, large or small, no matter how heavy.
  • Top: Glen 1063SQ literally has an invincible top. The product is extra safe thanks to its 8mm thick glass top. This glass is also scratch-resistant and will keep the product looking new for a long period of time.
  • Burners: Glen is a top-rated Indian kitchen stove when it comes to burners. These burners are made with brass and feature the forged technology which offers great durability.
  • Glen 1063 SQ is very careful when it comes to gas valves. This best kitchen hobs in India features high-precision valves. The product controls the flame with incredible precision, eliminating any concern about sim-off.
  • Like other Glen products, Glen 1063 SQ knobs are made of Bakelite. These knobs are durable and provide a better grip.

7) Bosch Bosch IND.HOB 

Bosch is a brand new name for innovation. This product is a winner if you love the state-of-the art designs. This best kitchen hob in India Combines modern technology and design.

Best Kitchen Hobs In India
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Products Features

  • Boach Bosch IND.HOB Cooking Zone makes cooking easy and requires very little effort when it comes to flame control. You can choose from 17 different power settings to achieve the desired result.
  • Bosch Bosch IND.HOB offers a timer. You don’t have to get up in the middle of the night to turn your hob off if you slow cook.
  • Child Lock: Because many functions can be operated by pressing a few buttons, it can become dangerous for children. To prevent any mishaps, the item also has a child lock.
  • Pan detection: Bosch Bosch.IND.HOB features an automatic pan detection sensor. Your hob will recognize the exact position of the pan. You can also activate the induction at the right zone to make this the best Indian kitchen hob.
  • Bosch Bosch IND.HOB’s design is elegant. It uses not only any type of glass but also ceramic. Frameless is also possible with the faceted design.

8) Faber Nexus Hob

Faber Nexus is designed to make it possible for you to use all the burners even in tight spaces. The hob can be placed in tight spaces but you still get the benefits of four different burners.

Best Kitchen Hobs In India
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Products Features

  • Hybrid: Faber Nexus was created to be a hybrid kitchen stove. You can now install the product as an integrated unit. You can also use it as a standalone product to save yourself all the hassle. This makes it one of the most popular kitchen hobs in India.
  • Faber Nexus has a variety of burners. Two burners have a triple ring, while one has a lotus ring. This allows you to prepare a variety of dishes quickly and easily.
  • 3D Flame Technology: Faber Nexus provides you with the unique feature of 3D Flame Technology. This eliminates the problem of uneven heating. The hob can handle multiple angles of burning with great efficiency.
  • Ignition System: This product’s ignition system is powered by a battery. This is another automatic ignition type. This increases the product’s reliability and reduces the maintenance required.
  • Pan Support: Faber Nexus offers pan support that provides real support for your vessels. Cast iron makes the pans strong enough to withstand any heavy utensils.

Buying Guide For Best Kitchen Hob In India

There are many options for the best kitchen hobs in India, including induction and gas. It is important to determine the purpose of your kitchen hob. This buying guide will help you make a decision and provide some key information about kitchen hobs.


Different kitchen hobs may have different number of burners. It all depends on your needs. Multitasking is essential if you are cooking for a large group. Two burners might not be enough for you in this situation. You should opt for four-burner hobs. You may prefer the smaller kitchen hobs if you have limited kitchen space and live alone.


There are two main ways to set up the best kitchen hobs in India. The built-in system is preferred over the freestanding. The built-in system is seamless with your kitchen and can be moved around easily. However, professional assistance is required for installation. If you move often, the free-standing ones are great.


Safety is paramount when working on hot surfaces. You should make sure to check the safety features of your kitchen hob before you buy. A flame failure system, which shuts off the burner in the event that the flame is not extinguished, is an option for hobs that use a flame. The electric induction type, on the other hand, provides a child lock.


There are three main types of kitchen hobs materials available.

There are three options: stainless steel, glass and ceramic. Each has its pros and cons so you can choose the one that suits you best. Ceramic and glass tops differ in what type of hob they are used for. Both have a high-end look. Ceramic tops can be used in induction hobs while glass tops are used in gas stoves.

Ignition System

One of these types of ignition systems may be found in the burners on kitchen hobs. One is similar to old gas stoves but requires an igniter. Another type uses electric ignition systems or batteries. This type of burner can be turned by a knob to light up.

Heat Control

A kitchen hob’s most important feature is heat control. Even if everything is perfect, if the heat is not controlled accurately, cooking won’t produce the desired results. Hobs have variable heat settings that you can adjust using the knob. You will also be able to control the heat more precisely if you have a higher precision.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Kitchen Hobs In India

Why is a child safety lock necessary?

Induction kitchen hobs are equipped with a child safety lock. A child safety lock is useful to prevent accidents because anyone can use these appliances by pressing a few buttons.

What is a drip tray? 

Many kitchen hobs have a drip tray as an additional feature. The drip tray collects all grease and dirt that could otherwise build up on the hob, making it more dirty and faster.

Which type of kitchen hob is better, gas or induction? 

It is up to you whether you prefer an electric or gas induction kitchen hob. Inductions are safer for safe, flame-free cooking. However, those who find the smart controls difficult may prefer the gas one.

What position of controls is ideal for kitchen hobs? 

Your kitchen hob controls should be located away from the burners and preferably to the side. This will allow you to control all burners from a safe distance.

What is pan support? 

Pan support is a structure that you place over your burner. This support serves the purpose of holding your vessels in place with stability. So make sure you get sturdy pan supports to hold heavy utensils in place.


A kitchen hob can be considered a luxury but it is essential. A kitchen hob will not last for many months so it is important to spend some extra to get the best. Even if you have a tight budget, there are many affordable kitchen hobs that will give you an amazing deal for a fraction of the price.

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