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If you’re considering an upgrade for your kitchen area, there is no better time than now to get rid of the old, rusty sink that you had. With the latest modern designs, you can get the best kitchen sink in India and completely alter the appearance of the kitchen. With the new and stylish sinks and faucets, your kitchen will fit perfectly in your modular kitchen without creating an unnatural impression.

If you’re looking to make your kitchen look beautiful make sure to examine the functionality and quality of your kitchen sink. So, take a look at the best options.

Best Kitchen Sink In India -Reviews

1) CROCODILE 304 Grade Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink 

This isn’t the first sink for kitchens that Crocodile has tried their hand on. They have been making sinks for a long time, they have established their mark in the field of the quality of their products. Therefore you can rest assured that this sink will be nothing lower than the best kitchen sink in India.

best kitchen sink brands in india
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Product Features:

  • The finish: Crocodile Kitchen Sink does not hinder performance. The appearance of any product is essential and the sink should not appear out of its place in your modular kitchen. This sink is coated with a satin-like look.
  • Overflow Hole: The Crocodile Kitchen Sink is unique because it has the aspect of having the overflow holes. The water that gets clogged could be a huge pain. In this case that is blocked, the rate of drainage increases.
  • Food Baskets: Crocodile Kitchen Sink gives you the benefit of a fruit basket. It will assist you in removing the fruit from the sink with greater ease, and without the need to take out other kitchen utensils.
  • Padding: This item is equipped with huge rubber paddings, which are placed to the 4 sides of the basin. In actual fact they aid in increasing the insulation from noise in the sink.
  • Garbage bin: Crocodile Kitchen Sink has one small outlet. It is used to keep all the waste that has accumulated on the sink. Therefore you can be sure that your surroundings will not be messy or dirty in any way.

2) CROCODILE HM-37″x18″x10″ BLACK Kitchen Sink

Crocodile presents another exciting kitchen sink. Similar to the one before it is sure to draw attention from the crowd. In terms of quality this sink is a shining star in the long line of kitchen sinks manufactured by Crocodile.

best quartz kitchen sink in india
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Product Features:

  • Collar: Crocodile H-37 is aware that the most important thing to consider when buying a kitchen sink is its durability. Keep that in mind the collar is 2.5mm. So, it will not easily be able to bend when pressure is applied on the product.
  • The finish of the sink is what makes this product the best kitchen sink in India. In keeping with the contemporary style The kitchen sink comes with the black matte finish that is striking on any home.
  • Food Basket: Crocodile HM-37 makes it extremely convenient to clean any fruits or chopped vegetables. With a container attached directly to your sink you only need to set them on the basket and provide them with a thorough wash.
  • Double Bowl Connector: The Crocodile HM37 comes with the double bowl connector which makes use of PVC as the main material of the connector. PVC is renowned for its durability and durability, which means you will not need to be concerned about any issues to come up.
  • Steel: Crocodile HM-37 uses none other than stainless steel 304 grade to make the body for the kitchen sink. So, one thing you won’t have concerns about the likelihood of it rusting any time soon.

3) ALTON HMS25005+GRC3835, SS-304 Grade, 24x18x10 Single Bowl Kitchen Sink 

Finding a beautiful kitchen sink that will enhance your kitchen’s decor doesn’t necessarily have to be costly. With this sink it is possible to get a beautiful kitchen sink for a budget. 

best kitchen sink in india 2021
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Product Features:

  • Temperature: The temperature of Alton HMS_25005 is a product that pays particular focus on the design. The product is also equipped with an extra layer that is designed to deal with any high temperature cleaning. In addition it ensures that the sink is clean throughout the day.
  • Height: The height of Alton HMS-25005 is designed with the requirements of everyday use in the back of your mind. This is why the product has a height that is comfortable. Thud, anyone can clean your kitchen utensils with no struggle.
  • Surface Coating: The Alton HMS_25005 may claim to be the best kitchen sink in India in terms of the coating that is applied to the product. With an anticoagulation coating applied to its surface, this sink is not easy to break down.
  • Installation: One of the best things about this sink for kitchens is that it is totally adaptable. It can be mounted or counter-tops, or under-mounting, you can install the sink however you’d like.
  • Spout: Alton HMS_25005 has a spout worth admiring. Its spout can rotate 360 degree rotation, which means it is able to take care of the entire surface of the sink. And that’s without ever leaving a trace of dirt on any corner.

4) ALTON HMS25010, SS-304 Grade, 30x18x10 Single Bowl Handmade Kitchen Sink

If you don’t have the need for a bigger dual sink, you could choose this option. One of the advantages of Alton is the fact that it offers iconic sinks that are affordable cost, ideal for families with smaller children.

best sink for kitchen in india
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Product Features:

  • Leakage: Alton HMS25010 has an ointment layer that is an anti-condensation layer. This will ensure that your sink doesn’t suffer from leakage issues and also prevents the accumulation of mold.
  • Noise: Cleaning can become extremely loud if your kitchen sink has any soundproofing. This is why this item comes with a robust sound guard undercoating. It will allow you to operate with a minimum of noise.
  • Free Space: Alton HMS25010 includes a back set that measures 3.5 inches. This means you will have plenty of cabinet space in your kitchen, along with an area for a sink. Actually it can be very beneficial in efficient space management.
  • Drainage: Alton HMS 25010 comes with a drainage system with an inclined bottom. This helps the water go away quickly and without sitting over the basin.
  • Finish: The Alton HMS 25010 has an attractive finish that isn’t just for aesthetic purposes but also serves a function. In addition, the finish is resistant to wear, which gives your sink protection against corrosion and corrosion.

5) CROCODILE HM-3718D Single Bowl Handmade Kitchen Sink

There are already several kitchen sinks reviewed that were designed by Crocodile. The reason why you should choose this sink is an issue, and of course, it has an array of unique advantages to get the best deal.

best kitchen sink in india
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Product Features:

  • Waste bin: Crocodile’s HM-3718D offers you a trash bin that is integrated into your kitchen’s sink. Once you’ve mastered the ease of using this bin, you’ll never be able to live without it again.
  • Shelf for the cutting board: Crocodile Hm-3718D has a variety of trinkets. One of them is the. By having the chopping boards shelf in the sink you’ll be able to make the most of your space.
  • Warranty: Nothing can tell you how long a sink in the kitchen will last more than a warranty that comes with the product. This is the reason this sink comes with the most comprehensive 7-year guarantee.
  • Single Bowl: The Crocodile HM3718D is ideal for homes with a tight space. Instead of the two-bowl design, it is actually one big bowl that allows you to work in a relaxed manner without taking up lots of space.
  • Collar: The Crocodile HM3718D comes with a collar of 2mm thick. Anything smaller than 1.5mm is considered to be fragile, and easily damaged. Additionally, it is able to stand up to impacts.

6) ROYAL SAPPHIRE Stainless Steel Satin Matt Finish Single Bowl Sink

You can name your needs and it is likely that this sink in the kitchen is already catering to it. It is loaded with various functions. Therefore, it is guaranteed to provide everything you need plus more.

best kitchen sink brands in india
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Product Features:

  • Tru16: Royal Sapphire Sink features a distinctive Tru16 steel structure. This is a true 16 gauge steel that measures 1.5mm thick, which gives your sink the durability. It is also guaranteed to not suffer any damage or even chipping at the edges.
  • The rear design: Royal Sapphire Sink has an innovative drain system in the rear. The more space you have the more efficient it is. With this system, you’ll even have enough space to put dishes inside the sink with no problem.
  • Channel Grooves: Royal Sapphire Sink has the crucial channel grooves within its drainage mechanism. This allows water to be taken out efficiently and quickly. So, there’s no remaining water within the bowl.
  • Audio: Royal Sapphire vouches for the most quiet cleaning. With rubber pads that are extra thick, the sink is equipped with the ability to dampen sound. This means that it is able to cover almost 80% of the surface of the sink, which means it is able to absorb any noise and vibrations. This makes it the best choice as the best kitchen sink available in India.
  • Drainage: There are a variety of measures employed to ensure that you don’t have obstructions to water when cleaning your dishes. For instance a sloped floor helps to direct the water to the drain.

7) CROCODILE SS-304 Grade Stainless Steel Matt Satin Finish Single Bowl Handmade Kitchen Sink

Don’t be influenced by the look of this item. It may appear small, but it is the most out of the materials readily available. In addition to the important features of the kitchen sink, this could be described among the best kitchen sinks in India.

best quartz kitchen sink in india
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Product Features:

  • The material: Crocodile SS gives you stainless steel of 304-grade in the body of the kitchen sink. Steel is also widely known as a durable material. So, when it comes to the durability of this material, it is sure to last for many years without complaint.
  • Drain Board: Very few kitchen sinks come with drainboards in this price point However, Crocodile SS outdoes itself. With the aid from the drainboard it is possible to dry your dishes and avoid staining on your counter.
  • Drain in the rear: Crocodile SS brings you the option of a rear drain which you can place in the sink. The major benefit of this arrangement is that you can use all the cabinet space you need with no drain taking up space.
  • Overflow Hole: Crocodile SS frees you from the pain of flooding. When the overflow hole is set in place the water is quickly gone and does not cause obstruction while you wash your dishes.
  • Food Baskets: Crocodile SS does not neglect the vital fruit basket. Clean your veggies in the sink, and not needing to remove any strainers or other bowls.

8) CROCODILE 304 Grade Single Bowl Handmade Kitchen Sink 

The service of this product can take care of the conversation. It has been a top seller on Amazon due to its performance and reliability, you can rest assured that the kitchen sink has what you’re searching for.

best kitchen sink in india
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Product Features:

  • Bowl Crocodile Kitchen Sink will make a great choice for kitchens with enough space, but would like to improve your kitchen’s faucet. The matte-finished product comes with only one bowl, and is able to fit into the most cramped spaces.
  • Rusting: The product is made of steel. This means that you will not have to fear rusting, regardless of how old your sink becomes. In actual fact, it’ll remain in good condition for the longest time.
  • Installation: The Crocodile Kitchen Sink could be a one bowl product however it gives the user a lot of flexibility in the installation. It can be set up either under-mount as and the top mounting.
  • Waste Pipe: Crocodile Kitchen Sink makes no compromises on the quality. So, the waste pipe that is part of the sink is made of top-quality PVC. This means that it is not prone to break down in an extremely short period of time.
  • A Vegetable Holder: Crocodile Kitchen Sink has a huge vegetable container so that you do not have to waste time on long-winded portions all at once and this makes it the best kitchen sink in India.

9) ZINZER Granite/Quartz Single Bowl Kitchen Sink

If you’re one of people who love to organize every aspect of their house, this sink for kitchens will be the answer to your needs. Available in a variety of colors, you’re certain to find one that is perfect for your kitchen.

best kitchen sink brands in india
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Product Features:

  • Technologies: Zinzer Kitchen Sink like all Zinzer sinks, utilizes the technology of polymerization casting. This sophisticated and advanced molding technique ensures that this final item is very robust.
  • Surface: Zinzer Kitchen Sink is famous for its polished surface. This makes cleaning it a breeze for you. Actually it can give an overhaul to your gorgeous kitchen.
  • Abrasion and Scratch: ZinzerKitchen Sink looks as fresh as new, even after years of use. This is due to the fact that it is impervious to scratches and other abrasion. This makes it the top kitchen sink available in India.
  • Odour: Some kitchen sinks will absorb the smell of food waste you’re cleaning up in the event that it has a strong odour. However, this product guarantees that it won’t absorb any smell.
  • Temperature: Zinzer Kitchen Sink also is resistant to extremely high temperatures. Therefore, even if you use hot water to rid yourself of tough stains that have accumulated on your kitchenware It will not cause harm to the sink. It can be used up to 250°C. 

Buying Guide For Best Kitchen Sink In India

If you’ve learned about some of the most popular kitchen sinks that you can get in India, now is the time to determine the one that is best suited to your kitchen. To assist you in that buy guide, this article points out a few of the aspects that you need to take into consideration before purchasing.

1.) Bowls

The amount of bowls you can use will depend on your individual needs. There are usually single , double and triple-bowl kitchen sinks. The more bowls there are, the more room you will need to put up your dirty kitchen utensils. So, just buy larger bowls only if you really need them.

2.) Material

There are many kinds of materials used in kitchen sinks, ranging from fireclay cast iron to stainless steel and stones such as quartz. Of all these, stainless steel is the most popular and highly recommended. This is due to the fact that stainless steel is not at the risk of corroding or rusting, yet it gives excellent strength to the structure.

3) Mount

You must determine the type of mounting that your kitchen permits. Under-mounts keep the sink on the same height as the counter itself The top counter is designed to place the sink above the counter There are other mounting options. To get rid of the problem the best option is to select kitchen sinks that offer various mounting options.

4) Drain location

Most people don’t have an opinion regarding the location of their drain. However, knowing more about it can make space to use for other purposes. Although many kitchen sinks have the drain in on the top of the kitchen sink, it would be best to locate one with an offset drain. That means that the drain is situated on the left, right, or at the back side of the kitchen sink.

5) Sound

You might have noticed that certain kitchen sinks make an audible sound from the vibration caused by the water that falls over them. To prevent this, it is important to be aware of the weaknesses of your kitchen sink. A kitchen sink can be soundproofed with the help of rubber pads. Pads that provide a sufficient coverage of the sink can absorb nearly all noise.

6) Warranty

It is important to inquire about the guarantee on the kitchen sink. A good kitchen sink will come with an assurance of two years or more. For instance, the majority of the Crocodile kitchen sinks have a 7-year guarantee for their products, meaning you won’t need to worry about any damages.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Kitchen Sink In India

What is a fruit basket? 

The fruit bowl is a feature added to the look of the majority of kitchen sinks that allow you to clean and wash your vegetables and fruits more easily.

How thick does the collar need to be? 

A collar that is thin won’t last long. This is why the collar should be at least 2 millimeters thick to give enough durability. It is certainly possible to utilize it without risk.

How does a rotating spout help? 

A spout that rotates helps to clean the water off any surface in your sink. This means that you will be able to conduct an extensive clean and maintain a clean environment. In addition, it will reduce accidents and spills.

Why do you need a detachable strainer?

A strainer that is detachable will not only capture all solid waste particles, but make it simpler to eliminate and also. In fact, this can provide a great benefit when cleaning.

Why is an overflow hole important? 

An overflowing scenario or the water getting clogged will hinder the process of cleaning. In the end you can solve it by a hole for overflow.

Final Words

If you’re now equipped with all the information you must learn about kitchen sinks do not hesitate to get yourself a top kitchen sink. Because it is a fixture which you don’t change often, don’t put off spending an extra amount to acquire the top quality item. But, you’ll be able to get a variety of affordable, high-quality kitchen sinks. Also we have other kitchen equipment likes kitchen chimney

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