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Buy the best mountain bikes in India if you are looking for an affordable way to transport yourself. Online shopping for the latest bicycles will help you save a lot of money on fuel and gas. MTBs last miles without needing to be recharged. We are now recommending the top-selling mountain bikes of India. The list also includes bikes you can use for off-roading. After evaluating their features, warranties, quality, reviews, user ratings, and user ratings, all MTBs were included in this list.

Top 7 Best Mountain Bikes in India 2022

1) Urban Terrain UT6000 Series , MTB 29 Mountain Cycle

Urban Terrain UT600 promises pan India installation. To keep track of your health, you will receive the OneFitPlus app. The gear is easy to use thanks to Japanese Technology. The best quality materials have been used to ensure that the gear is functional for at least a decade. It has a 29-inch wide tire that gives it extra gripping power.

  • Brand: Urban Terrain
  • Size of the Wheel: 29 Inches
  • Number of Speeds: 21
  • Suspension: Front
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Why is the Urban Terrain UT6000 Series MTB 29 Mountain Cycle the Best?

The Urban Terrain UT600 features Japanese Technology, which takes the bike to a higher level. For enhanced performance, the MTB features Shimano derailleurs and shifters. The mountain bike’s gear shifting process is made easier and more straightforward by this feature. The MTB offers 21 speeds that can be used in any situation.

This model is the best mountain bike in India. The MTB is made from steel and will withstand any terrain or riding conditions. To withstand it all, the MTB’s 29-inch tires have double-walled alloy wheels.

Urban Terrain UT600 has an undisputed braking system that allows you to ride safely on dangerous terrains. The mountain bike has double disc brakes. Premium brakes are available on both the rear and front wheels.

You can get help from certified dieticians who are registered in the OneFitPlus App. A 3 month trial period is free. You will be assisted by dieticians to train this MTB. The suggested meals can be adapted to your specific needs.

This latest MTB’s seat is contoured and properly cushioned. This gives you a good grip when riding. The mountain bike also has an adjustable seat. You don’t need to use any assistance, as the mountain bike can be adjusted in just a few steps.

Who should buy it?

Urban Terrain UT600 is the perfect MTB for cyclists who enjoy morning rides and other fitness activities. This MTB is your personal trainer and dietician. The best part is that the MTB comes with free installation and it operates in India.

Urban Terrain UT600 keeps the product safe. The MTB is shockproof, and sudden brakes won’t put the rider at risk. This professional mountain bike is easy to handle in all conditions.

2) Geekay Thoronos 24 Speed Gear Mountain Bicycle

Geekay Thoronos MTB is the best, allowing you to shift at 24 speeds. The Aerodynamic design of this mountain bike will appeal to any sportsman. The saddle height can be adjusted and the magnesium alloy wheels will ensure stability.

  • Geekay: Brand
  • Size of the Wheel: 27.5 Inches
  • Number of Speeds: 24
  • Suspension: Front
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Why choose Geekay Thoronos Gear Mountain Bike?

Geekay Thoronos’ Aerodynamic frame makes it easy to travel on the most difficult roads. This reduces the likelihood of air friction. The MTB’s elegant appearance and laser decals make it very eye-catching.

Easy height adjustment is possible with the best MTBs in India. The saddle’s height can be adjusted easily with its quick release mechanism. This allows the rider to keep a comfortable position even during long riding sessions.

Geekay Thoronos MTB is the best, as it has huge tires. For the perfect grip, the mountain bike features 26-inch and 27.5 inch all-terrain tires. These tires also have magnesium alloy rims, which ensure that they are safe on roads. The MAGWheel 10 spokes provide maximum protection.

Geekay Thoronos’ double disc brakes make it extremely responsive in emergency situations. This bike is quick to brake and allows you to maneuver through crowds. This multi-speed mountain bike model can be adjusted at 24 speeds.

If the pedals are not made correctly, pedaling becomes more difficult. The MTB’s pedals are made of plastic and are completely anti-skid. The pedals won’t slip if you put a lot of pressure on them or if you pedal lightly.

Who should buy it?

This MTB is a great choice if you’re looking for an MTB online. This MTB is perfect for riders who love to climb and descend mountains. Adults who are between 5 and 6 feet tall can also make the most of it.

Geekay Thoronos will be your friend on rough roads. You can ride on uneven roads fearlessly with the travel lock suspension fork, which measures 100mm. The frame comes with a lifetime warranty to prove its quality.

3) Hero Sprint Thorn All-Mountain Bike

Hero Sprint Thorn, an all-mountain bike made from premium materials, will feel light and agile. The chain cover keeps the unisex beauty of the MTB’s unisex design. This bike is strong enough to go for long rides, even if it only has a single speed.

  • Brand: Hero
  • Wheel Size: 26 Inches
  • Number of speeds: 1
  • Suspension: Front
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Why Choose Hero Sprint Thorn All-Mountain Bike?

Hero Sprint Thorn MTB is single-speed, making it beginner-friendly. This unisex MTB can be used by any 15-year-old boy or girl as their daily transport. Its vibrant design is a great addition to any bike collection.

This MTB is suitable for teens, so the construction should be light. Mountain bikes are built from 18-inch steel and can withstand the weight changes of riders. The bike is stable even at high speeds and won’t break or shake.

Hero Sprint Thorn offers its 100% guarantee to ensure that no teens or adults are hurt. This MTB’s chain cover enhances the beauty of its product. The cover protects your skin from the chain’s brushing when you pedal hard. The bike won’t leave any marks or scratches.

Hero Sprint Thorn uses the best material for its mountain bike. The tires are also skid-proof to ensure stability on slippery surfaces. The product features 26-inch rims that are double-walled and impact-resistant. These rims are made of alloy to prevent rust.

The suspension of this single-speed MTB is at the front. There are Power V brakes available that can assist with sudden stops. This MTB has cantilever brakes that are very special. They will not cause any damage to your hands or fingers. There is no risk of your hand getting bruised!

Who should buy it?

This is a great option for riders who want to transition from regular bikes to mountain bikes. The handle offers supreme comfort and all safety features. This will make users feel secure.

Hero Sprint Thorn is the perfect partner for sports, fitness and outdoor activities. This bike has 26-inch wheels and a 18.5-inch frame. You will be able to push your limits with it.

4) Firefox Bikes Nexus-D Mountain Bike 

Firefox Nexus-D has been ranked among the best mountain bikes in India and is only for people over 13 years old. The alloy disc brakes provide extreme control. The super light frame means that the rider doesn’t have to exert extra pressure. Firefox MTB is designed to ensure comfort and has a height adjustment function for the seat.

  • Brand: Firefox Bikes
  • Wheel Size: 27.5 Inches
  • Number of speeds: 1
  • Suspension: Front
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Why Firefox Bikes Nexus-D Mountain Bike is the Best Value for Money Option?

Firefox Nexus D has high-quality alloy disc brakes. The power brake feature makes it possible to stop instantly even at high speeds. The Nexus-D MTB also uses high-quality mechanical discs to deliver promising results. The mountain bike also has front and rear brakes.

Firefox Nexus D has a 17-inch frame. Riders aged 13+ years can ride this MTB regardless of their shape or size. To ride the MTB in difficult conditions, riders must be between 5.5 and 5.10 feet tall.

Firefox MTB’s latest addition is this: It recognizes that height and weight of users will vary greatly. You can adjust the height of your bike to meet your needs. The thickly cushioned seats will ensure that you are comfortable.

Firefox Nexus D increases night visibility for this MTB. The reflectors make it visible even in total darkness. You can ride through dark lanes with no worries, and the accident risks are reduced.

Firefox Nexus D makes the outdoor MTB very adaptable to the unexpected road impacts. The frame’s body is made of steel. This provides the MTB with strength. The MTB’s durability and heavy-duty feel are both increased. The mountain bike’s sporty appearance is enhanced by its beautiful paint job.

Who should buy it?

This information is important for parents who are concerned about their children’s safety. The MTB can be used by your child to get to school and for competition preparation. The MTB has one speed which will allow children to have better control.

Firefox Nexus D bike is a great investment. Users can continue to use it by simply making small adjustments. This bike can be assembled with minimal effort.

5) Hero Kyoto 26T Single Speed Mountain Bike

Hero Kyoto is a worthy No. This bestseller is loved by both children and adults. This mountain bike is built to last. This bike is extremely durable and will perform well on any terrain, including off-roads.

  • Brand: Hero
  • Wheel Size: 26 Inches
  • Number of speeds: 1
  • Suspension: Rigid
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Why is the Hero Kyoto 26T Mountain Bike the Best Selling MTB?

This MTB is a great choice for both adults and kids, as it’s one of the best mountain bikes in India. This MTB can be used for daily commutes. This bike can also be used at night. Many light reflectors are available to help passersby see the bike clearly.

Hero Kyoto uses high density steel to construct one of the most difficult cycles. All of the components receive heavy-duty support. The mountain bike is able to withstand sudden impacts, whether the cyclist is on well-made roads or off-road.

Hero Kyoto is a top-selling bike because it has many important features. The single-speed transmission on the Hero bike helps maintain a steady speed. You can ride on any terrain and the MTB has no limitations. Explore different routes without fearing for your safety.

The MTB’s comfortable seat supports your weight. To customize the riding position, the rider can adjust its height. The Hero bike is non-slippery thanks to its PU construction. You can rest assured that the bike is slip-proof.

For stability, Hero Kyoto’s 26-inch wheels are ideal. This allows users to balance on any surface. The tires are the reason the MTB stops smoothly when you press the V brake. The tires will grip perfectly on the surface.

Who should buy it?

This unisex MTB is suitable for both boys and girls. It is suitable for teenagers, and its advanced features make it easy to ride. This cycle is great for kids.

Hero Kyoto is one of the most popular online bikes. It was the simple details that helped to keep the brand’s reputation intact. Because the pedals are antislip, users feel secure even while pedaling.

6) Geekay Unisex Hashtag 26T All-Mountain Bicycle

The Geekay Hashtag Bicycle is focused on safety. This product is highly sought after due to its neon-colored body and high-quality construction. The handles are very comfortable and won’t put pressure on your hands. The double-wall alloy rim will ensure that the tires last for many years.

  • Brand: Geekay
  • Wheel Size: 26 Inches
  • Number of speeds: 1
  • Suspension: Rigid
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Why Geekay Unisex Hashtag 26T All-Mountain Bicycle is the Best Choice?

Geekay hashtag’s aerodynamic frame will inspire you to conquer any trail with confidence. This mountain bike will not cause any air friction. All of the MTB frames are made from steel. It can support riders up to 100kg.

If the construction is not right, handles can pinch your skin. Geekay MTB’s full finger grip handles are very soft to the touch. You won’t feel your hands get wet. The MTB reduces the risk of getting hurt. The MTB also ensures that your hands don’t get tired.

Geekay Hashtag only uses premium materials to deliver incredible performance on roads. Dual disc brakes are also available on the all-terrain MTB. The knobby tires have been added to the MTB’s multi-terrain MTB. The rust-proof coating is even applied to the double-wall, high-tensile alloy wheels. You can also ride in wet lanes without worrying about rust.

Geekay Hashtag makes it easy to adjust the height. Under the seat, there is a quick release mechanism for the MTB. You can adjust the seat to suit your height. The seat is comfortable, plush, wide and soft.

This MTB is made just for DIY enthusiasts who love to build things. The frame comes assembled at 85% so you can build your mountain bike. The frame is covered by a lifetime warranty, even if there are minor errors.

Who should buy it?

This MTB is for those who want a more comfortable ride. It is easy to roll on any surface thanks to the latest features. Accidents can be avoided because the cottered chain wheels will not cause any injury to your feet.

Geekay Hashtag MTB makes sure that the 29-inch wheel stays in place thanks to its rigid fork. These best mountain bikes in India allow for smooth pedaling thanks to their plastic pedals.

7) CRADIAC Mountain Bicycle

This mountain bike is made by Cardiac and will last through any season. Even beginners will find it easy to balance on the super-wide tires. Mudguard protection is an essential addition to keep your MTB in top condition. You can ride the bike at a single speed without worrying about excessive speeding.

  • Brand: CARDIAC
  • Wheel Size: 29 Inches
  • Number of speeds: 1
  • Suspension: Front
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Why is the CARDIAC Mountain Bicycle a Good Product?

This bike’s frame is 18 inches. This bike has a high ground clearance so you will have no problem getting around. The 18-inch frame is made from premium steel. You won’t have to worry about the bike’s durability.

The brake levers of Cardiac MTB are made from durable ED black alloy. It is resistant to rusting due to friction with the tires. The bike will stop instantly when you press the brake pedal.

The best thing about this bike? It also includes a comfortable, PU-padded saddle. The bike provides good support for your back. Even if you are riding the bike for a long time, it won’t become painful or bothersome.

Cardiac features a crank with 44 teeth as well as an innovative cotterless-chain. You can ride on any terrain with ease. You can also reach high speeds with very little effort thanks to the 44 tooth crank.

Cardiac comes with a mudguard as well as a side stand. The mudguard protects your bike’s body from mud stains, while the side stand allows you to easily park the bike wherever you want without worrying about support. The large paddles on the bike provide enough space to keep your feet safe.

Who should buy it?

Mudguards are a great way to save riders who enjoy adventurous riding. The mudguard protects your mountain bike from being scratched or stained. You don’t have to spend your time cleaning out the tiny corners or the chains.

Cradic is also a good choice for night rides. For all other riders to be aware of your presence, reflectors are placed throughout the body. Finally, the brakes will gradually bring the bike to a halt. The rider will feel no jerks.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Mountain Bikes In India

What should be the ideal wheel size of the best MTB?

The wheel size must range from 27-inches up to 29-inches. Indian MTB riders will find the best balance on both paved roads and dirt roads. For safe riding, models like the Urban Terrain UT600 series are equipped with 29-inch wheels. For best results, make sure you choose the right size.

What are dual disc brakes in an MTB?

Dual disc brakes, as the name implies, will have two brakes to improve efficiency. To increase speed, make quick stops and slow downs, the brakes are located at the front. This prevents any accidents from occurring when you plan to make sudden stops.

Which mountain bike brands are best?

Hero is undoubtedly the most popular brand because of its unique features. It has also kept its prices low to ensure that everyone can purchase it. Firefox and Geekay are also available. These brands have proven the value of their products through quality.

Final Words

All levels of riders can trust the MTBs on our list, from beginners to experts. We recommend Hero Kyoto MTB, and Firefox makes premium mountain bikes if you are willing to spend a bit more. Mountain bikes are growing in popularity and you should order one as soon as possible. What is the best mountain bike for you?

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