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Cycling has become a popular choice for people who are more conscious about their health and fitness. The latest features are important for beginners who want to purchase a bike that is affordable. The best mountain bikes under 20000 are suggested in our buying guide. The best MTBs online that young people and kids will enjoy riding are included in this list. For those who are more adventurous, there are some mountain-sport MTBs.

Top 6 Best Mountain Bikes Under 20000 In India 2022

1) Geekay Thoronos Speed Gear Mountain Bicycle

GeekayThoronos’ steel frame is designed for speed. Your bike will have wings thanks to the aerodynamic frame. The wheels are also carefully chosen. They can be moved smoothly on any surface. This bike is not only fast, but it also has a sleek body. The MTB’s stability is assured by the tires, even the rims.

  • Brand: Geekay
  • Size of the Wheel: 27.5 Inches
  • Number of Speeds; 24
  • Suspension: Front
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Some of the Amazing Features of Geekay Thoronos Speed Gear Mountain Bicycle are:

GeekayThoronos‘ frame is engineered to deliver enhanced performance. Aerodynamic design makes the frame aerodynamic. You will experience less friction as a result.

GeekayThoronos strives to make your life easier. It is very easy to assemble the mountain bike so you can do it yourself. The MTB comes pre-assembled in 85% to make things easier.

Mountain bikes must be capable of navigating all types of roads. This bike has the most recent knobby tires, which are also larger. This allows you to easily handle any terrain.

GeekayThoronos is determined to be the fastest mountain bike. The bike’s rims are lightweight. All rims are made from magnesium alloy. This ensures that the product is strong and light without compromising on strength.

GeekayThoronos looks as fashionable as it is practical. All the fashionable laser decals give the mountain bike a glamorous look. The decals are fashionably spread all over the bike’s body.

Who should buy it?

This product is a great option if you are looking for a mountain bike you can share with others. You can adjust the height of your saddle at any time. It can be shared with a teenager or used for its own purposes.

Safety is a key factor when you’re out on an adventure. This mountain bike has premium quality double disc brakes. Both the front and rear brakes of the bike have them. They help avoid accidents through quick braking.

2) ADDMAX Dexter Sports Mountain Bicycle

Addmax Dexter stands out from the rest of mountain sports bikes thanks to its speed system. There are 21 gear options to ensure you have the right speed for any situation. The bike is also very efficient. It ensures a secure footing and non-slippery pedals. The MTB also provides better contact between the wheels of the bike and the ground.

  • Brand: Addmax
  • Size of the Wheel: 26 Inches
  • Number of Speeds: 21
  • Suspension: Dual
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Features of ADDMAX Dexter Sports Mountain Bicycle are:

Addmax Dexter is attentive to small details throughout the bike’s body. The most common problem with pedals was solved by the product. The riders will feel secure on slippery surfaces. Side pedals are well-gripped.

Addmax Dexter is the top MTB under 20000. He believes in performance. This MTB offers 21 speeds and a gear system that allows for maximum flexibility. This allows you to have more control over your bike, making it more enjoyable.

Addmax Dexter strives to make biking a fun sport that everyone can enjoy. The product’s body is very light. This allows you to move at your own pace. The rider won’t get tired easily.

Comfort is key to long bike rides with friends. The front suspensions of the MTB are exceptional and will give you this privilege. The MTB’s latest feature, the front suspension, absorbs most of the impact and makes your ride feel smooth.

Addmax Dexter promises remarkable riding efficiency. Mountain bikes encourage constant contact between your wheels and the ground. This is especially important when turning at sharp corners and slippery areas.

Who should buy it?

This MTB is recommended for riders who plan to ride their bike on rough terrain. It is made from carbon steel and can withstand normal wear and tear. It will keep moisture away, which will prevent the bike from rusting.

Addmax Dexter comes with fat tires. This all-terrain MTB can be used on any terrain thanks to its 26-inch diameter. The gear shifting system is extremely convenient, so that the rider can adjust their speed at any time.

3) Vaux Battle 518 26T Mountain Bike

Vaux Battle is a great product for MTB and cyclists. Alloy frames are responsible for the bike’s durability. Brands pay attention to internal cabling. You can ride on any terrain with no worries thanks to the lockout suspension. This latest MTB model scores high in visibility.

  • Brand: Vaux
  • Size of the Wheel: 26 Inches
  • Number of Speeds: 3
  • Suspension: Front
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Attractive features of Vaux Battle 518 26T Mountain Bike are:

Vaux Battle 518 offers you an exclusive benefit: internal cabling All cables are run within the product’s frame. This provides extra security for the cables. It also gives your bike an outside clean look.

Vaux Battle 518 has a lockout suspension. This basically turns your bike into a hybrid. This is useful if your bike will be used on different surfaces.

You can be adventure-ready from the moment you ask. You get the essential accessories like a helmet and mudguard.

Vaux Battle 518 is more than a mountain bike. It is a fashion statement. There are four attractive color options for this bike. There are many options to choose from, so you’re sure to find the one that suits your taste.

Vaux Battle 518 recognizes the crucial role that the handlebar plays on any mountain bike. This affordable MTB handlebar is designed to provide a firm grip. This helps you to control the bike better, which is a great benefit when making quick turns.

Who should buy it?

This product is a lifesaver for someone who doesn’t know how to assemble tools. This mountain bike is among the best, and it’s already 99% assembled. Once you have installed the pedals, your bike is ready to go.

Vaux Battle 518 is equipped to handle all your needs. You will find all the tools you need to assemble the bike in a neatly packed box so that it is easy for you to do it yourself.

4) Cockatoo CBC-05 Elite Series All-Mountain Cycle

This mountain bike has everything you could ever want in it. This bike also has V brakes, making it easy to replace your bike on the move. This product truly is for everyone. The seat is adjustable and spacious. Even young adults can ride this unisex mountain bike. You can ride the MTB on the most rugged terrains.

  • Brand: Cockatoo
  • Wheel Size: 26 Inches
  • Number of Speeds: 21
  • Suspension: Front
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Some of the Best Features of Cockatoo CBC-05 Elite Series All-Mountain Cycle are:

Cockatoo’s CBC-05 has some sturdy tires to match the impressive frame. These tires can withstand any terrain.

Cockatoo CBC05 solves any issues that might be a concern for riders. Anyone can use the product, regardless of their height. It is also great for teens who are still growing in height.

This best mountain bikes under 20000 is a top-of-the-line model and offers a unique experience that no other product can match. This item features V brakes on both the front and rear. This makes maintenance easier. The V brakes don’t put pressure on the spokes or hub. This makes daily use much easier.

Cockatoo CBB-05 is looking forward to offering you an ergonomic experience. This unisex MTB has a leather seat. The seat measures 270x150mm in size. This means that even if your weight is high, it doesn’t matter if the product is heavy.

Cockatoo CBC05 only uses the highest quality materials. The frame is made of high-resistant steel. Steel is well-known for its strength and provides the bike with great support.

Who should buy it?

This mountain bike offers a little extra support. This keeps your bike in good condition for many years. It features a double-wall, alloy rim. These rims provide support and stiffness for your wheels. The ride will tell you if the rims are comfortable.

This product is for those who love speed. The mountain bike can be set up in 18 different modes so you can race against the clock. This will give you the real thrill of riding a mountain bike.

5) Generic Mountain Bicycle

Generic’s unisex mountain bikes will keep you in balance. The big, fat tires will make it look great. There will also be friction between the tires and the ground. Riders will feel the wind hitting their faces with the 21 speed Shimano gears. The front suspension and radial tires are two other features that you should consider when buying a mountain bike.

  • Brand: Generic
  • Size of the Wheel: 26 Inches
  • Number of Speeds: 21
  • Suspension: Front
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Generic Mountain Bicycle Features are:

Generic Mountain Bicycle is a standout with its lightweight body. This product was designed to be lightweight. You don’t have to exert extra effort to move the bike.

Generic Mountain Bicycles are the best MTB under $20,000. The MTB has radial fat tires to keep it up. Radial tires have a better contact with the ground than regular tires.

Over time, things have changed. Front suspensions are now a necessity for mountain bikes. Because of its ability to allow you to travel faster over a longer period of time, front suspensions are essential. This feature is why all-mountain bikes have it.

Generic Mountain Bicycles come with dual disc brakes. The bike is safer in dangerous situations because of the large brake surface. This will allow for smooth and quick stopping of your mountain bike.

Generic Mountain Bicycles come with the Shimano gears. Shimano is the only mountain bike brand you should consider. This product boasts 21 speed Shimano gears. You can adjust speed and adjust depending on the road you choose.

Who should buy it?

Alloys are strong for a reason. Alloys combine the best of many metals to give your mountain bike the perfect combination. It’s lightweight and durable enough to last a lifetime without any problems.

The tires’ fat width allows riders to travel on muddy roads. You will also be at a safe height above the ground thanks to the tires. Your new shoes won’t get dirty.

6) KROSS Men’s Xceed Mountain Cycle

Kross Xceed wants riders to have everything. The PU foam seat offers comfort and efficiency, while the mechanical lockout makes it easy to get out of your car. These eliminate sudden jerks, and keep you safe. Other cars will be able to see your presence through the reflectors on your MTB. Aluminum provides the necessary strength, which means that the product will last for many years.

  • Brand: KROSS
  • Wheel Size: 27.5 Inches
  • Number of Speeds: 21
  • Suspension: Front
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Features of KROSS Men’s Xceed Mountain Cycle are:

Kross Men’s Xceed makes riding as enjoyable as possible. This mountain bike’s saddle is made of PU foam and has a resin top. For ergonomic comfort, the foam provides a soft and comfortable surface. The resin top, on the other hand, keeps the bike’s shape.

Kross Men’s Xceed is a minor, but essential addition to the design. All pedals have reflectors. You might avoid trouble if you ride at night.

The aluminum alloy frame of this MTB is designed to resist corrosion and rust. The structure is light because of the aluminum. It will not feel heavy while you’re driving.

This MTB comes equipped with a disc brake system that helps increase its life expectancy. The bike’s stopping power is increased with the new brakes. This system also prevents tire blowouts as the rim is not heated up.

The suspension of the Kross Men’s Xceed has a mechanical lockout. You will be able to control the lockout as you like. It will be easier to ride uphill if there is no suspension. The lockout may be useful for downhill riding if you have to stop the ride in a hurry.

Who should buy it?

Many bikes suffer from rust over time. The alloy construction protects the structure from rust. It is therefore as good as new. It is one of the best mountain bikes under 20000 rupees. This ensures that it requires minimal maintenance.

The MTB frame was designed with consumer satisfaction in mind. Steel frames are designed to allow you to ride longer. The rider won’t feel any strain or break into a sweat.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Mountain Bikes Under 20000

What is the best brand for mountain bikes in India?

Kross is one of the most trusted brands on the market. It is simple and effective in design. It places a special emphasis on comfort and has been praised by many.

What is the difference between disc brakes and V brakes?

Depending on the intended use of your bike, you should make your choice. V brakes are more affordable and are easier to find. The disc brakes can be expensive but they are long-lasting because it doesn’t cause the rim to heat up.

What is suspension lockout?

Your MTB can be considered a hybrid bike if it has suspension lockout. This feature is available on popular MTV brands such as Kross and Vaux to offer professional bikers extra safety. You can ride without suspension and survive big drops.

What is the function of radial tires?

Common tires that you will find on any bike are good at their job. They don’t work well to keep the tires in contact with the ground. Radial tires make it easy to keep this contact, so you don’t have to worry about getting hurt. Radial tires are a feature of generic MTB that makes cycling very efficient.

Final Words

Individual preferences will vary depending on what they are looking for. Our opinion is that Vaux Battle 518 MTB is the best-selling MTB and offers the best deals for mountain bikes. We are attracted to this product for many reasons. It can be difficult to choose between the many top online mountain bike brands with the most current features. Before you add a bike to your cart, make sure to check its style, longevity, and trendy features.

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