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Many people need the best bikes for many reasons. Many people want to give the best bikes to their children, while others are looking to take them on adventurous trips. Riders are now choosing the best mountain bikes under 15000 to aid their recovery after a collision. These are the most recent mountain bikes available that are affordable. This list contains a selection of children’s MTBs. Our guide also features the top full suspension mountain bikes, as well as the most popular beginner mountain bikes.

Top 6 Best Mountain Bikes Under 15000 In India 2022

1) Urban Terrain UT6000 Series Mountain Cycle

The Urban Terrain UT600 Series now has the most recent features. The MTB provides a comfortable ride. OneFitPlus, the Ride Tracking App allows them to keep track of their progress. The gears can work without interruption even on the most difficult roads thanks to Japanese Technology. The bike’s durable construction and wide tires make it extremely versatile.

  • Brand: Urban Terrain
  • Wheel Size: 29 Inches
  • Number of Speeds: 21
  • Suspension: Front
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The Urban Terrain UT6000 features double disc brakes that give riders maximum control. The brakes are located on both the front and back wheels. The Urban Terrain MTB’s 29-inch tires will allow for effortless stops thanks to their super-wide design.

This mountain bike is one of the best under 15000 and will not cause any pain to your back. The cushioned seat makes this an enjoyable MTB ride. The saddle can be adjusted freely. The all-terrain bike can be adjusted without the use of tools.

OneFitPlus, Urban Terrain UT6000 Ride Tracking app, has received 4.8 stars for its incredible features. A personalized meal plan will be prepared by licensed dieticians. Three-months of free diet and health advice are provided.

Urban Terrain UT6000 has premium Shimano derailleurs plus shifters. Speed shifting is made easy by Japanese Technology. Riders have the option to adjust between 21 speeds according to their preference.

This popular MTB is easy to maneuver on uneven or rough terrain. This Urban Terrain bike’s strong build has made it so durable. The steel frame is strong and durable.

Who should buy it?

This is only for professionals who are proficient in riding and handling MTBs. This professional mountain bike has reflectors that increase visibility.

Urban Terrain Mountain Bike’s Pan India Installation service is a big hit. The company offers services in over 650 cities to resolve the problems of its users.

2) Cockatoo CBC-01 Elite Series Mountain Bike

The Cockatoo Elite Mountain Bike is an 18-speed machine that can take you to the most difficult trails. You will be comfortable on the Elite mountain bike’s handlebars, seat and handlebars. Stable tires and strong pedals will ensure safety. You can also get carved grips to increase your security.

  • Brand: Cockatoo
  • Wheel Size: 26 Inches
  • Number of Speeds: 18.
  • Suspension: Rigid
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The affordable mountain bike features only 18 quick-fire shifters and derailleurs. You can safely ride on the hills, ride freely on flat surfaces, and climb up the steep hills.

Cockatoo Elite MTB understands that a cushioned seat and handlebar can eliminate tiredness. The handles are covered in high-grade rubber. The MTB seat is thickly cushioned to support the rider’s natural contours.

Cockatoo Elite comes with anti-skid tires. This trendy MTB will allow you to move in slippery terrains without fear of falling. A proper traction will also be created between the tire & the surface.

You will need to put in a lot of effort and energy when pedaling. The nylon pedals on this bike provide good gripping for your feet. The pedals won’t wear easily because of this.

Cockatoo’s 26-inch wheels are available. The Cockatoo MTB is the most affordable under 15000. It has V-brakes at both the rear and front, allowing for quick stops or slowdowns. You will be absolutely safe even though this model does not have suspension.

Who should buy it?

The frame is 18 inches in size so riders from 5’5″ to 6’0 can ride comfortably. A mudguard is included to prevent any obstructions as riders will be riding on uncharted trails.

Cockatoo Elite MTB comes 85% assembled. You can also build it yourself. You should also be prepared to repair the bike if there isn’t anyone else to assist you. 

3) Urban Terrain UT1000 Series Mountain Cycle

Urban Terrain’s UT1000 series is now Urban Terrain’s best-selling product. It is ideal for adventure riding due to its sturdy frame and high-quality wheels. This bike is easy to shift gears and speeds. It is the best mountain bike under 15000, as it offers comfort and height flexibility.

  • Brand: Urban Terrain
  • Size of the Wheel: 27.5 Inches
  • Number of Speeds: 21
  • Suspension: Front
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Professional MTBs have 27.5-inch tires that can hold the rider’s weight and maintain a steady balance. These wheels also have alloy rims with double-walled walls. These rims are lightweight and strong, so they won’t add weight.

The Urban Terrain bike’s body is made of steel. The MTB can run on both rough and smooth terrains thanks to this steel frame. The MTB won’t catch rust or chipping.

Urban Terrain has 7 speed settings that can be adjusted to meet the needs of riders. It is easy to change speeds. When the shift is occurring, riders won’t feel like jerks.

Urban Terrain allows riders to adjust their height. Riders will feel more comfortable riding long distances thanks to the adjustable saddle height. The mountain bike’s seat has a well-padded cushion.

MTB’s OneFitPlus app will greatly benefit fitness lovers. The app is your favorite coach, offering everything you need from three months of free diet plans to daily routines. All dieticians on the app are certified.

Who should buy it?

This model is for riders who are familiar with riding a bike but new to MTB. The rider can start from the basics with the many gear-change options. This bike is very beginner-friendly.

The Urban Terrain UT1000 series has been a crowd favorite. This product is a worthy choice due to its all-black design, and the amazing dual disc brake mechanism.

4) Firefox Bikes Cyclone-24T, Mountain Bike

Firefox Bikes launched this new color and design. This model is ideal for teens. The brand has taken care of all safety features. The MTB’s visibility is high, making it easily visible in dark alleyways. Children can ride without restriction thanks to the durable construction and powerful brakes.

  • Brand: Urban Terrain
  • Wheel Size: 24 Inches
  • Number of Speeds: 21
  • Suspension: Front
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Firefox Cyclone MTB’s frame is compact at 14 inches and has 24-inch tires. This bicycle is suitable for children aged 9-12 years old with a maximum height between 5.5 and 6 feet.

This safety feature will cause the bike to stop immediately when you press the brakes. For power braking, the V-brakes can be activated. The bicycle’s double-wall rims will not bend under extreme pressure.

Firefox Cyclone ensures that the bike can withstand long distances. The lightweight frame made of kid-specific alloy is very light. It is easy to balance on this bike.

Firefox Cyclone made this bike unique and visually appealing. To keep riders informed, reflectors are placed all over the bike. If the MTB seat is uncomfortable, you can adjust it.

The front tire is held in place by the suspension. The tires are grippy enough to keep the children stable on slippery surfaces.

Who should buy it?

The mountain bike for kids will fulfill all the dreams of those who love sports. The MTB will allow the children to learn how to ride professional mountain bikes. The brand takes all safety precautions so parents can relax.

Firefox Cyclone offers free initial servicing for their customers. The brand will clean, lubricate, check the air pressure, and make any necessary adjustments to your MTB.

5) Sea Hawk Mountain Bike

Sea Hawk is a lightweight adventure mountain bike that’s renowned for its versatility. This MTB is suitable for both men and women. The bike can be pedaled by even the most tall riders. The front suspension assists in balancing the bike and allowing you to cross the bumpers with ease. The MTB’s unique features and stylish looks make it an ideal companion for unplanned trips.

  • Brand: Addmax
  • Wheel Size: 26 Inches
  • Number of Speeds: 21
  • Suspension: Front
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The MTB’s carbon steel frame ensures that it feels light when traversing difficult terrain. The bike feels strong but light because it is unisex.

Sea Hawk MTB is the ideal riding gear if you are between 5 and 6.2 feet tall. Adults as well as teens can ride this bike and adjust their height if necessary. The fashionable MTB is very popular among cool kids.

It is one of the best mountain bikes under 15000. It absorbs bumps and impacts when crossing uneven or rocky terrains, and making sharp turns.

The MTB makes it easy to change speeds mid-ride. 21 speeds are available to suit specific situations. This ensures that the wheels are in contact with the surface at all times.

Sea Hawk’s rear and front disc brakes are both 160mm in diameter. This MTB features the simplest pull brake system. It will stop the mountain bike in one brake.

Who should buy it?

Sea Hawk MTB is a great choice if you are tight on budget and want a bike that can be ridden by all family members. This bike is a smart choice because of its modern design, unisex format, large height range, and great style.

Sea Hawk MTB’s Side Pedals offer extra safety. These pedals are non-slip. You can pedal even when your feet are wet.

6) Amardeep cycles Avia Gear Mountain Bicycle

Amardeep Cycle makes the best mountain bikes in India, by incorporating all the necessary features. Safety brakes will make it easier for riders to cross busy areas. This MTB feels premium with its comfortable handlebars, durable frame and sturdy build. The Wanda tyres on this adult mountain bike will last for many hard rides.

  • Brand: Amardeep Cycles
  • Size of the Wheel: 29 Inches
  • Number of Speeds: 21
  • Suspension: Front
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Amardeep Cycle has a great strength-to-weight ratio. This makes the MTB’s seats comfortable and premium. With its quick-release mechanism, the mountain bike allows for easy adjustment without the need to use a tool.

The handlebars reduce pressure on the shoulders and hands. This MTB’s handlebar measures 640mm. The 30mm height allows for a perfect alignment of the body.

Amardeep Cycle uses a Frameset steel frame. The Frameset steel frame makes the MTB sturdy enough to withstand the most difficult terrain. The mountain bike will remain steady even in wet conditions.

You have a choice of 21 speeds. The latest Japanese gear system improves the bike’s performance. Shimano Derailleurs and shifters allow you to move seamlessly from one speed to the next.

Amardeep Cycle offers high-end Wanda tires to ensure durability. The tire has double rims to increase safety. Mountain bikes will have a better grip on steep roads. This MTB is ideal for riding downhill.

Who should buy it?

This MTB bike is for those who enjoy exploring the most challenging roads. The MTB’s professional parts make it durable. The bike comes with 85% of the parts so that the bikers can fix any problems.

Amardeep Cycle offers front and rear disc brakes to ensure safety. Customers will receive an Allen Key and a spanner to use in emergency situations. It can be carried by the riders for immediate repairs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Mountain Bikes Under 15000

What is a derailleur in an MTB?

This gear system is basically a professional one that allows you to properly use your MTB on any surface. This feature is available on modern bikes such as Urban Terrain UT6000 and Cockatoo Elite. It makes riding safer and more enjoyable.

Which is the best MTB brand in this list of top 6 bikes?

Urban Terrain Store has the best mountain bikes under 15000. There are models that suit both professionals and beginners. The brand also offers an app that provides riders with updates about their activities.

Which is the best bike for professional MTB riders?

Two bikes are available that can be used for professional purposes. The Urban Terrain UT6000 Series is the first, and the Cockatoo Elite Series is the second. These bikes are ideal for steep trails, rocky paths, and angled hills. Riders will experience fewer jerks, and they can concentrate on the ride.

Final Words

It is not easy to make budget-friendly mountain bikes that have the most recent features. Urban Terrain Store did a great job manufacturing the UT1000 Series MTB. This MTB is rated 5 out of 5. You can also search for the top mountain bike brands. Buy the best MTB model to meet your needs.

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